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What to Look For When Hiring An Attorney

Reportedly, only 4% of personal injury cases ever reach trial, with the majority settled out of court.  You’ve got all your evidence. You’ve got all your witnesses. Your case is rock-solid and you’re sure you’re going to win. Launching a legal case isn’t as simple as piecing it together and pressing play. Many people mistakenly …

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An Overview of the Water Contamination at Camp Lejeune

Camp Lejeune was a military base that was active during the 1940s. During this time, they were practicing open-air burning of solid waste. When they were not burning solid waste, they were using the water as a dumping ground for human waste and industrial waste. The base has been linked to water contamination that has …


Is Street Racing Illegal? Here’s What to Know

Illegal street racing is as old as the automobile itself. Cars are fast. The adrenaline rush can take hold immediately. And there’s a long history of people trying to defeat the local law enforcement. As with many illegal activities, it’s likely someone you know is in on it. As the world becomes more digital and …

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6 Things to Do While Practising Indoor Running

Indoor running is fast becoming the norm for exercise for many people around the world. Initially only the people who were pressed for time and who wanted the convenience of running inside their office or home, started to practise this. However, with the global pandemic, many people have shifted to this form of running. As …