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Why Small Houses Are Sometimes Better Than Big Houses

It’s not uncommon to hear people saying they prefer to live in a big house rather than a small house. And it also seems logical to want to live in a big house. But is it really that good to live in a big house? There are plenty of factors that make living in a big house better, but the opposite is also true.

Small houses have their own advantages too. If you’re planning to purchase a house, and wondering what’s the best size for your next house, there are many things that you need to take into account. And that’s why, in this article, I want to explain to my readers why small houses are sometimes better than big houses.

More energy efficient

For some people, living within their means or even a frugal lifestyle is preferred. And while it may sound easy to do, living in a big house will make it much harder to do. One factor is energy efficiency. Being energy efficient while living in a large house is very difficult, as it is easy to forget that your lights are on, and you need a lot of energy for heating and cooling.

Smaller homes are the solution to this problem. You don’t need a lot of energy to properly heat and cool the entire place. And, it is easier to control how much energy you use while living in a small house.

Cozy and more intimate

I know some people who hate living in a big house, despite being able to afford it. The main reason is that they don’t like empty spaces in the house. They said they don’t feel at home and comfortable at all.

Living in a small house means the entire space is just right for you. This makes your home feels cozy and more intimate. Small homes have small rooms just for you.


Obviously, small houses are going to be cheaper than big houses. Less space, maintenance, energy, and materials needed, can lower the price of living in small houses by a lot compared to larger houses. This also makes small houses more efficient if you’re planning to remodel the entire place or want to make sure that everything is working properly.

Less maintenance and cleaning

I have already mentioned it above, but I can’t stress enough how easy it is to live in a small house. Fewer and smaller rooms mean that you don’t have to spend hours just to clean them, and you also spend time keeping them clean every day.

If you’re living in a big house and planning to clean the house yourself. Well, prepare to spend a lot of time and energy doing that. This is a problem for people who don’t have much time and much rather spend it somewhere else.

Small houses give you more free time

This brings us to another topic: more free time for you. Many of the benefits above ultimately give you a lot more free time to do what you want. So less cleaning, less maintenance, less managing, and less paying give you more time for whatever you want to do.

Small houses are easier to declutter

Owning too many items in a house is a big problem that many people are facing. And a lot of them don’t realize that they have that problem. Sometimes other people need to point that out to you before you realize that your home is cluttered. Or perhaps, have you ever visited someone’s house, and you think “Wow this house is really messy.”

Living in a big house can trigger this problem. More space to store your belongings means that you don’t think twice before buying. And sooner or later, you have a ton of stuff in your house, and some of them probably aren’t useful to you at all. And good luck decluttering your house with that much stuff in your house.


Living in a small house can be the smart solution that some people are looking for. So instead of aiming to buy a big house, consider your needs first. Do you want to live more efficiently? Does living in a cozy and intimate house interest you? Then perhaps, a small home is what you’re looking for.


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