What Is a Business Lawyer? Everything You Need to Know

Business law differs from other fields of law. Rather, it involves working with parties who have the same goal. For example, a bank lawyer will work with a client that wants to borrow money. This lawyer will represent the borrower’s best interests.

Company Law

Company law is broad, and attorneys focus on various legal issues. Law firms such as Lowe & Associates help businesses ensure compliance with applicable laws, analyze legal disputes, develop arguments, and collect evidence. They also represent their clients in court and negotiate settlements.

Attorneys typically handle several cases simultaneously and must be highly analytical. In addition, they must be adept at managing a high volume of clients. In addition, they must have a good grasp of business law and financial regulations.

A business lawyer Portland, OR, can protect a company’s intellectual property, allowing it to retain a competitive edge. Prevent lawsuits and reduce their impact. A business attorney should be hired before a company faces litigation. Because every industry has different laws and regulations, working with a business lawyer with experience in the field is critical.

Transactional Law

The practice of transactional law involves the preparation and negotiation of a variety of contracts. These lawyers also handle matters related to patents, trademarks, and land. In addition, they can advise on how to structure a company, help complete government documents, and avoid litigation.

While transactional law can seem complicated, it is a very straightforward practice. In most cases, a transactional lawyer drafts a contract or agreement between two parties based on what they believe both parties want from the agreement. Whether a business or personal relationship is involved, a transactional lawyer strives for certainty and fairness.

Estate Planning

Business lawyers may be able to offer valuable advice regarding estate planning, which is crucial for business owners. A revocable trust, for example, can protect business assets and designate the role of successors. In addition, it can help businesses benefit from tax mitigation strategies. For many business owners, estate planning is the first step toward ensuring the business’s continued success.

Estate planning is necessary for those with large estates and complex assets, such as multi-billion dollar companies. A business lawyer can assist their clients in creating a legal plan that will protect their family’s inheritance and minimize their tax liabilities.

Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney can give you the power to manage your finances and business affairs. It can grant agents authority to act on your behalf in various areas, including banking and real estate transactions. It can also be used in insurance and business transactions. However, it’s important to remember that a power of attorney expires when the person who has it passes away. The decedent’s estate will then be handled by a duly appointed fiduciary. Fortunately, you can revoke a POA before your death.

It is very important to choose a Power of Attorney carefully. You should pick a person whom you trust and respect. Also, be sure to choose someone who will not abuse their powers. If you suspect the power of attorney abuse, you should contact law enforcement or consult a lawyer immediately.


Trademarks protect the brand identity of businesses. A trademark can be a word, design, sound, or color. It is a symbol of the owner’s brand, and consumers learn to associate that brand name with a particular product. A trademark can also be used for services, such as entertainment or construction. In addition, many famous landmarks are trademarked.

Trademark registration is a legal process granting a company exclusive rights to use a trademark. It can take a year or more, but a skilled Trademark Lawyer, like Leo Fraser, Attorney at Law, for example, will help you navigate this complex process.


Intellectual property attorneys can help you navigate the copyright application process. They understand the business implications of copyright and can explain issues in clear terms. Priori can match you with a copyright attorney who is right for your needs.

Copyright laws protect creators and artists from unauthorized use of their work. For example, they protect works of art, poetry, architecture, and computer software. These rights allow the author to control who can use and sell their creations. A copyright attorney can help you obtain registration and defend your rights should someone try to use your copyright without your permission.



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