Did you know that not all motorcycles are created equal these days? Here are the many different types of motorcycles that exist today.
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What Are the Different Types of Motorcycles That Exist Today?

Did you know that motorcycle industry sales reached $124 billion in 2021? Analysts predict sales to reach $180 billion by 2031 with increased motorcycle ownership.

Are you a current motorcycle rider or considering buying your first bike? Do you know the types of motorcycles that exist today?

The following guide will explain all you need to know about the best motorcycles on the market. Read on to learn about types of bikes and their differences before you hit the road.

Standard Motorcycles

Standard motorcycles have a simplistic design and serve all uses. They have engines that vary from 125cc to 1,000cc. Standard bikes can fit luggage, tank bags, and alternate seats.

They make a great first motorcycle for beginners. Make sure you understand motorcycle safety if you’re a beginner. Also, consider finding a qualified motorcycle accident attorney before you start riding, just in case.


Choppers, also known as cruisers, usually have lower seats that make it good for riding around town. They also have a moderate storage capacity for additional luggage.

The engine sizes vary from small displacement engines to 1,000cc and up. They’re great options for novice and veteran riders alike.

Touring Motorcycles

Touring bikes are often larger than other motorcycles because they’re meant for long cross-country rides. They have a larger storage capacity with comfortable seats that let you ride for hours.

Touring motorcycle engines are large enough to keep up with highway speeds and carry extra gear. They’re perfect for scenic rides along coastline routes.

Sport Motorcycles

The sport type of motorcycle has more speed and agility. It uses forward-leaning ergonomics that make it easier to carve corners. They are typically much lighter than other bikes because they’re made from aluminum.

The seat sits higher for leaning the bike more without scraping footpegs or fairings. Note that shorter riders have to be on their tiptoes sometimes with the taller seats.

Sport Touring Motorcycles

Sport Touring motorcycles are a combination of the sport and the touring types. The seats are taller than touring bikes, and they have more luggage space than sport-type bikes. It’s a good mix for both long and quick rides.

Their engine sizes usually fall in the mid-range, but larger options are also available. Consider your personal riding style and the length of your rides when determining the right engine size.

Dual Sport Motorcycles

Dual Sport bikes are all-purpose motorcycles. They offer road features like lights and a horn but also have off-road suspension. Some even have off-road tire options.

Their seats sit a little higher to help navigate backroads and off-road paths. Dual Sport bikes can carry quite a bit of extra gear, and many riders use them for weekend camping trips.

What Types of Motorcycles Interest You?

Now you know what types of motorcycles there are to choose from. Consider where you’ll be riding, how long you’ll be riding, and the gear you’ll have. Remember this guide and pick the best motorcycle for your needs.

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