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The Ultimate Advantage of Roadside Assistance

The cost can be prohibitive when a business has to tow a vehicle. Also, finding a qualified service professional in remote locations can be a hassle. Fleet managers may not have the extra time to find their needed help. Plus, delays can affect the customer experience.

Easy and quick access

Administrators and drivers can instantly access the necessary vehicle information and the roadside assistance provider’s contact details. All vehicles in a fleet, including commercial trucks, light, and heavy-duty vehicles, cars, vans, and more, receive roadside assistance.

Your insurance company will send a tow truck to a nearby authorized mechanic or repair shop if your car doesn’t start due to a mechanical failure. For example, the towing Lawrenceville, GA, will help you if your car turns over or falls down a slope. Your insurer might also get in touch with a service provider to assist in retrieving it using a crane. If there are additional limits, speak with your insurance agent. If you are stranded more than 50 or 100 miles from the closest service station, you might have to pay an additional fee.


Roadside Assistance is a great way to have peace of mind while driving. It’s also an affordable way to get help if you have a breakdown or a vehicle malfunction. Typically, roadside assistance costs less than $100 per year for most vehicles. Contact an agent at our office to get a quote for your specific vehicle.

Roadside assistance typically includes jump-starting, towing, and tire changes. In addition, some companies may provide lockout assistance and other benefits. Choosing a service provider with a good reputation is essential. In addition to the monthly or yearly fee, there are sometimes additional service charges.

The cost of roadside assistance varies depending on your location. Some companies offer a range of coverage options, with plans starting at about $80 for an entire year. Some plans also include an unlimited-distance towing service. For an additional fee, you may also be able to save money on auto repair and travel by joining a car club. The membership fee is usually higher than a roadside assistance policy’s cost, but discounts are generally available.


There are several limitations to roadside assistance coverage from different companies. These limits are designed to ensure that the coverage only gets used for emergencies and not for regular use. In addition, these limits prevent excessive usage, which can affect the rates you pay in the future. Therefore, you should check with your auto insurance company before purchasing roadside assistance coverage.

Roadside Assistance typically covers mechanical and electrical breakdowns. It may also provide a spare tire for your vehicle at the scene. Some policies limit the number of times the service is offered, and some states also limit the number of roadside events covered by the plan. If you need assistance more frequently, you may be required to pay extra.

Peace of mind

Roadside Assistance is a great way to ensure that your car is taken care of if you ever experience trouble on the road. This service provides 24-hour protection beyond the standard coverage of most auto insurance policies. It can also help you get back on the road if you need a tow to a repair facility. In addition to emergency roadside services, the service can help you get out of a lockout or even get your car fixed on-site.


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