The Different Types of Sex Crimes and What They Mean

Did you know that every 68 seconds an American is sexually assaulted? 

In our society, sex crimes are some of the most heinous offenses a person can commit. However, not all types of sex crimes are equal. Some crimes are more serious than others and carry severe penalties if convicted. Learning about these crimes could also help you if you’re on the guilty side, as Appealing a Conviction is not a simple matter and could be something that you have to do.

Although there are too many sex crimes to list here, most fall under three major categories: sexual assault, rape, and molestation. Each type of crime carries its own set of meanings and penalties, so it’s important to differentiate between them when assessing your situation. 

Read on as we explore some of the most common sex crimes and their penalties. 


Rape is one of the most serious forms of sex crimes and occurs when someone forces another person to engage in sexual intercourse against their will. 

The difference between rape and other forms of sexual assault is that rape entails penetration. In most states, rape is a felony crime. Some states have made rape a capital offense punishable by death or life imprisonment without parole. 

There are many types of rape, including: 

Statutory Rape

This occurs when an adult has sex with a minor who is too young to give consent. In many states, statutory rape does not require force or violence. The victim only needs to be below the age of legal consent. 

Date Rape

Rape by someone known to the victim, such as a spouse or partner, is date rape. It can be especially difficult to prove because the victim may continue seeing the perpetrator after the incident. 

Acquaintance Rape

This occurs when someone forces another person into sex while they are alone together. It also involves alcohol or drugs impairing one or both of them. 

Gang Rape

This involves multiple perpetrators who work together to force a victim into sex against their will. 

Stranger Rape

This is the least common kind of rape, and it involves a victim being forced into sex by someone they don’t know. 

Indecent Exposure 

Indecent exposure is any type of nudity in public or in front of people who are not expecting it. This could be someone flashing their breasts at someone else or showing their private parts. 

Indecent exposure is usually considered a misdemeanor crime, so it doesn’t carry as much of a punishment as felony crimes. However, indecent exposure can sometimes be charged as a felony offense if the perpetrator has other prior convictions or if they are flashing someone in front of children.

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Sexual Harassment 

Sexual harassment is a form of discrimination that happens when someone makes unwanted sexual advances toward another person. This could be anything from making comments about a person’s body or telling them dirty jokes to touching them inappropriately. 

Sexual harassment is illegal, and it’s also against the law for an employer to allow it in their workplace. If someone experiences sexual harassment at work or school, they can contact a lawyer to help them file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). 

Sexual Battery 

Sexual battery refers to any type of sexual contact that’s unwanted and forced. This could include kissing someone without their consent or touching them inappropriately, such as grabbing their breasts or buttocks. 

Sexual battery is a form of sexual assault, and it’s illegal. It can be charged as a sexual assault charge, such as a misdemeanor or felony of the incident. 

Sexual battery is a serious crime. If convicted, the perpetrator could face time in prison and may have to pay fines. A conviction for sexual battery may also cause problems with employment and housing later on down the road. 

Child Pornography 

Child pornography is any visual depiction of sexually explicit conduct involving children under 18 years old. It includes photographs, videos, digital images, and computer-generated images. 

Child pornography is illegal in all 50 states and in the District of Columbia. It’s also illegal to distribute, produce, or receive child pornography. 

It can be a felony or misdemeanor incident, depending on the circumstances surrounding it. If convicted, the perpetrator could face prison time and fines. 


Incest is illegal under any circumstances and involves sexual activity between two people who are related by blood. This crime can apply to both adults and minors. 

If you are accused of committing incest with another adult, it is important to note that this charge is not considered a violent crime. However, if you commit incest with a minor, it could be charged as either an aggravated assault or rape depending on the circumstances of the incident. 


This involves selling or purchasing sex for money or other compensation, although some states include offering money or other compensation. 

The law usually applies to both parties. It is illegal for the person selling sex, as well as the person buying it.

The penalties for prostitution vary by state and can include fines, jail time, or both. 


Solicitation is the act of asking someone to commit a crime, such as prostitution or sexual abuse. Solicitation is also known as “pandering.” 

In some states, solicitation may be a felony charge even if no one actually commits the crime. Solicitation is a crime in most states, and it can be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony.  

Types of Sex Crimes: This Is What You Need to Know

Understanding the different types of sex crimes is an important part of staying safe. Each type of crime presents a unique set of circumstances that can change how dangerous a situation can be. By being aware of the different sex crime laws, you can better guard yourself against predators and help keep your community safe. 

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