The Benefits of Using Orange Curriculum in Your Church

Orange is one of the leading Children’s Ministry curriculum providers. They offer a wide range of resources from Preschool through High School.

The Orange strategy combines the critical influences of church and family to influence kids more effectively than alone. They get their name from the color orange, which represents the combination of yellow and red.

What is Orange Curriculum?

The orange curriculum is more than just a set of lessons; it’s a strategy to help you influence the next generation. It focuses on reaching kids with the gospel and creating a culture of discipleship. It’s a program used by thousands of churches of all sizes, locations, and denominations. Its goal is to help kids understand God’s love for them and how He wants them to love Him in return. It also teaches them to see themselves as He does and fuels their passion to make a difference in their community.

The Orange philosophy is centered on relationships. They believe that kids are more likely to follow Jesus if they feel like they know him well. The organization’s founder is a well-known pastor who has written many books on ministry to children and teenagers. 

Orange offers four different age-based curriculums that cover a weekly time for each child or teenager. These include prelude, social, transition, story, worship, and group. The curriculum is designed to be flexible and customizable for each ministry context. It even includes a Parent Cue app that synchronizes with the weekly curriculum and provides ideas for family discussions at home.

It’s more than just curriculum.

Churches that use Orange curriculum is a unique curriculum provider that creates experience-based resources to help your church connect with kids. They believe that the church should be working in tandem with parents to make a more significant impact on children’s lives. This is why they created their “yellow and red” strategy, which focuses on aligning the light of the church with the heart of the home. Combining these two influences will have a more significant impact than just one.

They provide various children’s ministry curriculum options for preschool through high school and resources for small groups and family experiences. They also offer a variety of leadership training tools and resources to support your church’s leaders. Whether you need help getting started with your curriculum or want to take your leadership to the next level, they have a team of specialists that can provide personalized guidance and support.

Orange also works to help churches quickly cast their curriculum and media content directly from their computer or smartphone. They’ve even worked with us to create a unique bundle option to get a full year of the Orange Kids curriculum. Try it risk-free with their free trial, or learn more about their media package pricing here.

It’s a strategy

Orange focuses on creating biblical resources that bring together the influence of church and home because two combined voices are more vital than one alone. They do this by creating experiences and curricula that help align the light of the church (yellow) with the heart of the family (red).

Unlike many other children’s ministry curricula, Orange has four different age ranges, from preschool to high school. Each of the four curricula also comes with a parent queues app synchronized with the weekly lesson and gives parents ideas for things to do at bedtime, mealtime, drive time, and more.

The app helps to reinforce what kids are learning in their small groups and allows them to continue the conversation at home, making it more meaningful than just being told something in a group and then forgotten about. It also helps to make learning more accessible for families who may not be able to attend their small groups on Sundays.

Orange believes a child’s social-emotional learning (SEL) directly impacts their spiritual development. That’s why they work to develop a curriculum that helps teach students how to manage their emotions, set goals, and build healthy relationships. They also host multiple conferences throughout the year and offer many free resources, including blogs, downloadable guides, and podcasts.

It’s a community

Part of your ministry is connecting with parents and developing small group leaders. Orange offers a variety of tools to help you make that happen. This includes online learning for kids and their parents, a biblical teaching and stories curriculum, and more.

This community also offers many events and training opportunities throughout the year. One of these is the annual Orange Conference, where church leaders gather to hear and share ideas for their ministries. The event provides an excellent opportunity for the corps to collaborate and discuss ways to serve their communities better.

Orange is a strategic curriculum that helps churches reach children and students. Their approach is unique, focusing on the church and home. This is reflected in their name, as orange symbolizes what happens when two influences combine. When the light of the church (yellow) and the heart of the home (red) come together, they create orange—something more substantial than either influence alone.

Using the curriculum, the community can celebrate milestones such as baby dedications, going into kindergarten, and baptism. Orange has also created resources for parents, a parenting blog, a podcast, and an app to keep families connected. The curriculum is set up in a one-year plan and provides content that can be modified for different age groups. This makes it easy to incorporate in a variety of settings. Orange is an excellent choice for churches looking to build a strategy that includes both the church and home to develop a strong faith for kids that lasts.


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