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Supplies Every Auto Body Shop Should Have On Hand

Full-service body shops have thousands of tools and supplies. However, there are some, such as anti-seize, that you come back to over and over again. Make these five supplies the go-to items to make everyday repairs easier to complete to your shop’s exacting standards.

Anti-Seize Lubricant

If there is one shop supply that mechanics turn to over and over for a wide range of jobs, it is anti-seize lubricant. This does much more than standard automotive grease: It prevents corrosion and galling, reduces the torque needed to tighten connections, and makes it easier to remove parts for future repairs.

Anti-seize comes in different formulations and application types to match a range of jobs, from high-heat grease for engine components to spray grease for hard-to-reach parts. Stock a few in your shop so you always have the right one on hand.

Air Compressors and Accessories

A high-quality air compressor is critical to ensuring you apply the paint evenly and smoothly. A broken hose or clogged spray nozzle can spell disaster once you step into a spray booth. Find a high-quality paint cart and stock it with the supplies you need for this task. Be sure to clean each one with the proper products after use to remove any residue and prevent buildup.

Speaking about spray booths, you need an area free from dust and dirt to mix custom paint and apply it. This can be a new custom-designed sealed booth or something a little more simple, such as fixing up the one you have. Changing filters, caulking seams, and ensuring a solid fit around doors can go a long way to keeping your spray booth clean  — and particles out of finished paint.

Sanders and Abrasives

You’ll need a full range of abrasives including cutting and sanding discs to complete many bodywork jobs. The following tools can go from heavy sanding to polishing and pinstripe removal with the change of a pad:

  • Orbital sanders
  • Palm sanders
  • Belt sanders
  • Buffers

Assorted Automotive Fasteners

From rivets and pins to license plate fasteners, you never know exactly what types of automotive fasteners you will need. Keeping a robust assortment on hand is vital to ensure you have the right parts available for the most common repairs. Be sure to use anti-seize on fasteners that require frequent removal.

One way to do this is by purchasing assortments that cover a wide range of sizes and applications. Then, you can replenish the items you use the most as stock dwindles.

Cleaning and Detailing Supplies

Invest in proper auto detailing supplies to ensure customers are satisfied with how their car looks when they get it back. Vacuums, detailing picks, and automotive cleaners and polish can all help you get the job done right.

The average customer doesn’t know about the amount of training, work, and skill that goes into getting his car fixed after a wreck. What he cares about are the results and how his car looks. The average customer will notice if his car comes back to him cleaner than when it comes into your shop.

Pro-Grade Shop Supplies

ROGO Fastener carries all the tools and shop supplies you need for professional bodywork. Shop the ROGO Fastener store for everything from anti-seize grease to pro-grade cleaning products to ensure each job meets customer expectations.


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