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Slewing Ring Solutions

When it comes to slewing ring solutions, there are several options to choose from slew ring supplier North America. For example, the Expert System offers a direct drive system with no mating components. The Direct Drive system eliminates the need for worm gear or mating components and is ideal for low-cost applications. Both low-cost and high-end versions are available.

Expert System

If you’re looking for a polymer slewing ring bearing, you can use the online Lifetime Calculator to help determine the right bearing solution for your application. The calculator will consider your application requirements, including speed, installation space, and environment. It will then recommend bearings for your application and provide prices and expected service life.

Direct Drive Without Mating Components

Direct drive without mating components is possible with the joint, which combines standard igus slewing rings with worm gear, worm shaft, and housing. This combination can be coupled to a stepper or DC motor. The drive can be installed in a horizontal or vertical configuration and has a built-in output encoder.

Slewing ring bearings are similar to ball bearings used in rotating applications. Slewing ring bearings have two rings – an inner and an outer ring. They also include gear to help with rotation. Drive-plate couplings and external belts are two ways to install a slewing ring bearing. In some cases, a geared option is available, which is advantageous in certain applications.

Plastic-Liner Slewing Rings

Metal gears are costly, time-consuming, and messy to maintain. Therefore, when choosing a slewing ring, it is important to choose a suitable material for the application. For example, metal gears require constant lubrication, which is expensive and messy. Moreover, metal gears are not ideal for erratic movements.

A slewing ring consists of two concentric rings. The outer ring is usually flat against a stationary surface and screwed into place using evenly spaced mounting holes. The inner ring is attached to the turning object using an adapter plate. This way, the inner ring rotates while staying attached to the mounting surface.

The bearing size used in a slewing ring is important, as the turning torque can be substantial, especially in large diameters. Therefore, it is essential to determine the torque required for the bearing, which can be determined using empirical data and classical theory. The turning torque will depend on the type of bearing, mounting orientation, lubricant, and seals.

Slewing ring bearings are typically made from metal and are made from the ball or roller bearings. Slewing ring bearings are composed of two concentric rings and may also include a gear to enhance power transmission and load support. These bearings are commonly used in slow-speed applications and are valuable in a wide range of industries.


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