Reasons To Take a Chicago Boat Tour

Reasons To Take a Chicago Boat Tour

When visiting Chicago or spending a day in the city, it can be hard to know what to do first, as Chicago has a lot to offer its visitors. One thing not to miss is Chicago boat tours. The boat tours in Chicago are very popular and there are several reasons for this enduring popularity. Here are some of the reasons a boat tour is not to be missed.

Reasons To Take a Boat Tour

  • The View: one of the first things you notice on a boat tour is how nice the view is. Chicago has one of the most memorable skylines in the country and a boat tour lets you fully take in the view. From landmarks new and old, you get to see the buildings rise into the sky and take in the history of one of America’s great cities. Also, the rivers are below the street level, giving you an amazing view.
  • The Buildings and Architecture: Chicago has a long and interesting history and this is reflected in its architecture. The Great Chicago Fire brought in architects to rebuild the city and this created a unique legacy. Some of the most well-known and creative architects of the time contributed to Chicago. Many of these buildings sit along the river, and you get to see them as you tour the city.
  • The Details: the concepts used by architects in the building designs in Chicago are interesting in their own right. As you enjoy the boat ride, your tour guide can provide several interesting details about the skyline around and above you. Some famous stories include the unique bundled tube design of the Sears Tower which was said to be designed by a pack of cigarettes. This is just one of the many unique facts you can learn on a boat tour.    
  • Relaxation and Fun: boat tours are relaxing experiences. The feeling of the motion of the water and the waves as you look around gives you a unique experience where you just enjoy yourself in the moment and enjoy the world around you. One of the best ways to take in the character of a city is to relax and take your time observing it and a boat tour is perfect for that experience.
  • After The Tour Is Over: after a boat tour, you still have the rest of the city to take in and enjoy. Consider going out for the night, visiting the landmarks in person, going to a sporting event, or enjoying a good meal. Of course, you can always enjoy another boat tour.

Final Thoughts

When you’re in Chicago, a boat tour is not to be missed. Chicago has a rich history and has been home to several unique buildings, artistic designs, and pieces of culture that are a core part of wider American history. When visiting Chicago, you owe it to yourself to get a unique view of it, and enjoying a boat tour allows you to see the city from a new angle and learn more about it.


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