Must-Have Dab Rig Accessories for an Enhanced Smoking Experience

Many great accessories will help you get the most out of your dab rig. You’ll want a quality butane torch, which can run between $10-$15.

You’ll also want to have a reclaim catcher. These dab rig accessories will save you extra concentration and allow you to use it again later.

Quartz Nails

A dab nail (also known as a banger) is part of the rig that holds & vaporizes the cannabis concentrate. There are many different types of nails, but quartz is the most common choice because it’s durable, heats up quickly & provides great flavor.

Nails can be dome or flat – the flat ones are better for sauces and budders, while domes are perfect for shatter. When choosing a nail, consider the consistency of your concentrates & pick a style that matches well with your rig’s downstem.


A percolator directs smoke or vapor through the water for a filtered experience. This cools the smoke and eliminates toxins that can cause coughing and throat discomfort.

Honeycomb percs are popular for bong enthusiasts who prefer more diffusion than a standard disk perc. They look like honeycomb and have a lot of tiny holes that further diffuse the smoke for an excellent experience. Fritted disc percs are a more intense version of the honeycomb style, with even more small holes that further filter the smoke. They can also be difficult to clean, so they’re best for adventurous smokers who are okay with extra work.

Quartz Bangers

A banger is a cup-shaped attachment that connects to your dab rig’s joint via a tube. When used correctly, they provide optimal airflow while vaporizing your oil concentrate and prevent unnecessary waste by not letting any of the extract go down the spout.

Quartz bangers are a great option for dab rigs since they’re durable and easier to clean than other types of nails. They’re also thick enough to withstand high heat without melting or oxidizing.

Quartz bangers come in various shapes, sizes, and quality levels. The flat-top quartz banger is the most popular choice, as it’s compatible with a wide range of carb cap styles and works for virtually any sized dab. Other options include the thermal banger and the core reactor, which have a unique design that allows you to take low-temperature hits while keeping your terpenes’ flavor intact.

Carb Caps

A carb cap is a handy accessory that improves the quality of your dab hits. They are available in various shapes, sizes, and materials, but they all work to regulate your dabs’ heat, air pressure, and flow.

The most common types of carb caps are bubble and directional carb caps. The bubble carb cap has a dome-shaped protrusion to which you can apply your concentrate and then rotate the entire cap while holding the banger in place to create a vortex and spread your vapor around for a better hit.

Directional carb caps are similar in that you can use your finger to rotate the cap and distribute your vapor more evenly. Also, handle-less marble-style carb caps sit right in your banger and can be nudged with a finger to push around puddles of cool concentrate that need more heated air to vaporize.

Reclaim Catchers

A reclaim catcher is a great way to minimize the dab you waste. Like a carb cap, the reclaim catcher fits over your nail and has a hole for airflow that you can control with a dab tool. The reclaim catcher also features a glass tube extending from the joint to a waterless receptacle. The vapor swirls inside the reclaim catcher, and any unvaporized wax clings to the walls and drizzles into the container to collect as reclaim.

Reclaim catchers come in different shapes and sizes to accommodate your rig. You can find ones designed for your banger nail or a honey hole, and some even have a nonstick silicone container that doubles as a heat-resistant storage vessel. For example, the NoGoo Goo Catcher is a sidecar-style reclaim catcher that fits most standard dab nails and bangers and comes in eye-catching psychedelic colors.


A dab rig needs a lot of accessories to function properly. From nails and bangers to carb caps, dabbers, and more, these essentials are available in various styles and materials, making it easy to find an option that fits your preferred dabbing style.

Nails and bangers are the pieces that attach to the top of a rig. They are typically made from titanium, ceramic, quartz, or glass and consist of a joint that connects to a small cup-shaped attachment. Bangers provide optimal airflow and can vaporize a wide variety of concentrates.

Carb caps are a must-have for dabbing because they help control the temperature of the vapor drawn from a nail or banger. By covering the top of the accessory, these caps reduce heat transfer and improve flavor. Moreover, they are available in various colors and designs, so you can choose one that perfectly complements your rig.


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