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Millennials are Buying Racehorse Shares via Blockchain

Gone are the days when millennials would solely aim for traditional investments like property. With real estate prices soaring to new heights, this younger demographic is exploring novel avenues. 

Well, thanks to blockchain technology we can now invest in many different things. From digital art forms (NFTs) to real-world horses.

Yes, you can purchase shares in real-life racehorses and enter the closed circle of owners.

This new revolutionary way to get into the world of horse racing promises to change the entire industry. After all, it was unimaginable to own a racehorse a decade ago, since most of them are quite expensive and very few people can actually afford to buy one.

But now, you don’t need to buy an entire horse, you can buy fractional shares of a horse. This not only minimizes the barriers to entry but also allows more money to be channeled into the industry, especially among crypto enthusiasts.

Fractional racehorse ownership facilitated by blockchain technology is getting some traction. This shift isn’t just about diversification; it’s about accessibility and passion.

Imagine being able to own a racehorse by yourself. Perhaps you should start learning the scoop of the Kentucky Derby betting guide because you never know how far your equine can go!

BTX Racing and Micro-Ownership

There are companies that offer fractional racehorse ownership, but very few of them are tied to the Blockchain. One of them is BTX Racing.

BTX Racing is a pioneering platform in the racehorse industry, leveraging blockchain to democratize ownership. Millennials like Matt Barlow, a digital marketer from Sydney, have embraced this opportunity. 

With property out of reach, Barlow and over 3,500 investors have turned to this platform to own a slice of the racehorse pie. Shares start as low as $75, offering a practical entry point into an otherwise elite field.

At its release, BTX Racing got some amazing support from big names like Gai Waterhouse and Ciaron Maher Racing. The platform offers fractional ownership for a range of horses, and there are some big names there too! You can invest in the successful Chaillot, which has earned more than $550,000.

Their vision is quite clear. They want to revolutionize the entire Equine industry and unlock new money flow that might save horse racing from dying. 

After all, there will be millions of dollars going to the horse racing industry, we will have a more competitive scene, more high-end races, and a way to earn money from racehorse ownership without actually taking care of the horse.

It sounds like a win-win strategy for everyone!

The IRON Initiative: Globalizing Digital Horse Ownership

Furthering this movement, the International Racehorse Owners Network (IRON) is spearheading a global initiative to digitize shares in racehorses as cryptocurrency tokens. 

Key figures in the racing industry, such as John Messara and David Boehm, are driving this project, aiming to attract a younger, global audience to horse racing.

IRON’s strategy is to acquire horses and offer digital shares, thus lowering the entry barrier for ownership. 

This initiative is particularly appealing in regions like Hong Kong, where racing is popular but ownership is prohibitive. By tokenizing horses, IRON is making ownership more transparent, secure, and accessible.

Transparency and Liquidity

The use of blockchain in racehorse ownership offers several advantages. It ensures transparency in ownership and transactions, a critical aspect given the nature of the investment. 

Moreover, blockchain technology simplifies the management of these assets, making property rights transferable and offering liquidity to the otherwise illiquid asset of a racehorse.

The Future of Racehorse Investment

This emerging trend is more than an investment fad; it’s a reflection of how technology can reshape traditional industries. 

The blockchain-driven racehorse ownership model caters to the millennial ethos of technology, transparency, and accessibility. It’s a blend of passion for the sport and the savvy use of emerging technologies.

The Future of This Business Model

The best thing about this model is that it is not only limited to racehorse ownership. This revolutionary business model combined with Blockchain technology allows every sport to commercialize and let fans participate by investing some money.

Can you imagine owning part of an F1 team or part of a Real Madrid soccer club? This will be possible through blockchain fractional ownership and it is already happening with horse racing leading the way.

Final Words

As of now, the selection of companies that offer fractional racehorse ownership through the Blockchain is limited. However, as more people get on this fast-moving train, we will start to see many new companies emerge.

After all, it is a new way of getting into the horse racing industry and we cannot expect instant success.

On top of that, this technology can only bring benefits to the people involved in the sport, the entire industry, and the fans. 


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