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Importance of International Solidarity in Addressing Christian Persecution

As you hear about the suffering of Christians around the world, one of the best things that you can do is find a group of people who are fighting that and join with them. Showing solidarity and support for those who are being persecuted helps them know that there are people who care about them and helps them stand strong through all that they face.

When Joining Others in Addressing Persecution, You See the Persecuted Differently

When you read stories about Christian persecution, you might feel like those who are being persecuted are very different from you and that you can’t really understand their lives or what they are going through. When you join with others to look at the persecution taking place around the world, those people can help you see the persecuted as the hurting humans that they are. When you talk with others and start to really think about the persecution that is going on, you will see things in a new way and be inspired to take action.

You Will Accomplish More with the Help of Others

There are certain things that a person cannot get done when working on their own. It can be helpful for you to team up with others when you really want to make a difference. When there is international solidarity regarding the persecution of Christians, a lot can get accomplished. When you work with others, you will be able to take on big projects and actually get them done. When you work with others, you will be able to share your ideas and hear theirs so that you can come up with the best possible plan for helping the persecuted. Joining a group that is already established will simplify things for you.

Solidarity Creates a Strong Group that Looks Intimidating

Those who are persecuting Christians around the world feel powerful. They hold some kind of control over those Christians, and they are able to hurt them because of that. You might be afraid to stand up to those people on your own, even if you want to help the hurting Christians, but standing up along with a group can be less scary. When solidarity is practiced, a powerful group stands up to those who are doing wrong and shows them that they are going to be stopped. Strength is gained as you join with others who feel the same as you and take action to right wrongs around the world.

Solidarity in Addressing Persecution Shows Love and Support

Those who are being persecuted can feel alone and like no one has noticed what they are going through. When you come together with others and show your solidarity and support, you help those people feel supported and loved. It can be hard for a persecuted individual to keep pushing forward each day with all of the pain that comes their way, but when they know that there is a group of people out there that is supporting them and wanting the best for them, that can encourage them and stop them from giving up.

Practicing Solidarity Regarding Persecution Helps You Stay Educated

On your own, it will be difficult to keep up with all that is taking place around the world to mess up the lives of Christians. When you work to help the persecuted in a group setting, you stay educated through the messages shared by the group that you are in.

Each member of the group can share what they have heard about the persecution that is going on and make sure that everyone else is up to date regarding that. You and the members of your group not only work together to bring about change, but you keep one another informed and inspire one another to keep at the fight.

Solidarity is important any time that there is a big issue to be addressed. You will work better with a group than you will on your own, and you will look more intimidating when you are part of a group. If you are concerned about those who are being persecuted for their Christian faith around the world, find a group that you can join as you work toward bringing about change.


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