How to Make a Custom Gun Stock

Having a gun stock is a good way to improve the quality of your gun as well as personalize it with your own style. It’s a part of gunsmithing that has become trendy among enthusiasts who like to gather a bunch of pieces and assemble a custom rifle. But with many people having a limited budget, it can sometimes be restrictive trying to make a fully customized gun stock with custom parts.

Creating a gun stock from scratch with custom parts is a time-consuming endeavor that can also be incredibly rewarding. Part of the task involves having a basic understanding of using woodworking and shop tools. But when all is said and done, you’ll have other gun enthusiasts marveling at the results of your passion and hard work.

Making a custom gun stock can give your gun a ton of personality. Want to know how and where you start making it? Continue reading our guide on how to make yourself a custom gun stock.

Picking a Design and Choosing Material

The first thing you’ll want to know is what design you want to go with and what materials you need. This can mean going with a folding stock, thumbhole, a pistol grip, or something different for the stock. You can browse for different parts you might need by visiting this page.

Picking a material for the stock is also important. Gun stocks begin as 2-inch thick blocks of wood called blanks, which are then cut into the design of the stock. Getting a material that is a bit larger than the required measurements you need is helpful as it gives room for cutting down the wood for exactly what you need.

Measuring and Cutting the Gun Stock

Once you have the material and tools needed, you’ll want to measure and cut out the shape of your gun stock from the material. This can be very meticulous and time-consuming, especially when you want to get a specific design for your custom build. Having a good rough sketch and blueprint of what design you want will be your biggest asset when getting ready to cut material.

When cutting, you’ll want to use tools like a buzz saw to cut a profile of the gun stock. Using a ripping blade to cut straight lines is recommended, as well as taking great care to give about 1/16 of an inch more than your measurements when cutting. This can give you room to sand down to the exact measurements and take off extra material as needed.

Drilling and Finishing

When you have the right shape cut out and sanded down to your liking, it’s time to drill in the parts where the action and bottom metal go. Mark the spots where the screws go in and drill in holes that are the same diameter as the action screws. You’ll need to be precise with everything for your gun stocks, eventually chiseling out areas that need to fit the size of the screws as you work on it.

When everything is done and you have the full design realized, you’ll be able to see if things fit together as you planned. If everything is right, then you can finish off the material like you would any other woodworking project. Sanding down and removing excess dust as well as wiping down the wood to get a clean finish.

Having Your Custom Gun Stock

After reading our guide on building your custom gun stock, you’ll have something unique for your rifle made by you. Finishing a stock with custom parts is time-intensive, but also incredibly satisfying and rewarding.

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