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How to Increase Employee Retention in Your Business

Did you know one out of four employees quit in 2021? Employee retention rates are at an all-time low. If you need tips on preventing employee turnover, stick around.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to increase employee retention and keep top talent at your company. You want engaged employees who will commit to your business.

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Make Your Onboarding Experience Fun

To improve employee retention, create a successful onboarding experience. Onboarding isn’t simply signing a contract and going on a quick office tour.

Set up clear expectations for the new employee’s future in the business.
What do you expect from them in the first week?

You’ll also want to connect new hires to your team. Help them to build relationships with colleagues and coworkers. Set up a business luncheon at a local restaurant.

Consider meeting with your new hires two weeks after their start date. Ask your new worker how they are settling into the company. Find out if there’s anything you can help them with or provide guidance.

Encourage Feedback and Recognition

Most employees will want to feel appreciated for their work contributions. You should set up a company culture of employee recognition and feedback.

Recognize employees by providing a peer-to-peer recognition program. Allow your workers to send encouraging notes that get shared with the company. Invite public or private praise from supervisors and managers.

Consider setting up company shoutouts or awards once a month.

Encourage Your Employees to Grow

Employees who know they have a future at a business will feel seen and appreciated. If they don’t see an end goal or opportunities to grow, they may leave.

Employee or People development is critical for engaging and keeping valued talent year after year. Make sure you provide your workers with opportunities to work under a mentor or learn from a coach.

Track long-term employee goals. Develop the goals as part of performance conversations, and see how they’re doing.

Communicate to your employees about your different expectations and goals. What do they want to do in five years, and where do they see themselves? What experiences or skills will they have developed?

Maintain a Safe Work Environment

You should make workplace safety a priority. Hire a supervisor to walk through your business and look for safety hazards. Teach your new hires about your safety policies.

Unsafe work conditions cause accidents. Employees might need to hire a workers compensation lawyer.

Provide Healthy Snacks

You should make sure you have a break room where your workers can get water or fresh fruit and vegetables. Invest in a high-quality coffee maker and water fountain.

Provide your team with nutritious snacks. They can go and have a short break, recharge, and head back to their work task.

Understanding How to Increase Employee Retention

We hope this guide on how to increase employee retention was insightful. Make sure you provide workers with new opportunities and a chance to work with a mentor or coach.

Improve company culture by setting up a peer-to-peer recognition system.

Want to learn more about how to improve the workplace? Stick around on the blog to check out our other business resources.


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