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How to Incorporate Rustic Charm Into Modern Farmhouse Decor

Modern farmhouse decor combines country elements with a contemporary spin. This design style adds charm and comfort to any space, from a cozy farmhouse kitchen to a rustic living room.

From salvaged wood to rustic table runners, the right decor accessories and home design features epitomize modern farmhouse style. But how can you incorporate this trend without going overboard?

Use Distressed Wood

Distressed wood is a hallmark of the farmhouse style. Whether you paint reclaimed wood furniture in a soft shade or use it as a countertop in your kitchen, these rustic accents will create a cozy feel.

Another way to incorporate distressed wood is with a repurposed piece like a woven basket. Baskets are ideal for storing throw pillows and other decor, but you could also fill them with plants or flowers.

Neutral colors are often preferred for farmhouse designs but feel free to experiment with warmer hues if they suit your style. For example, a dark grey backsplash can break up the stark brightness of all-white walls and add some depth to a room. Ensure the color you choose is clear and aligns with your overall design.

Add a Bar Cart

A bar cart is a great way to showcase farmhouse decor ideas in a modern setting. It can be used for several purposes, such as serving drinks or displaying framed artwork. A wooden bar cart also works as a decorative touch for the kitchen, thanks to its vintage-inspired look and reclaimed materials.

A well-done farmhouse kitchen blurs the lines between old and new. Showcase antique storage jars, classic stove kettles, and homespun wall art to create an inviting space with impactful character.

A wood coffee table is another natural element that can be incorporated into modern farmhouse decor. Please keep it simple and functional by incorporating a few accent pieces. This rustic accent avoids veering into shabby chic territory and still looks beautiful.

Add a Farmhouse Sign

If you’re trying to evoke that farmhouse, feel, signs can help you achieve your goal. Personalized signs that feature your family name or favorite quotes are perfect for the modern farmhouse style.

Mason jars and farm equipment are familiar icons in farmhouse decor, so these signs bring home a country kitchen look. These simple signs are easy to make with a stencil and some scrap wood so you can add them to your space for a minimal cost.

You’ll love how this general store sign looks in your farmhouse kitchen. With its chalkboard paint and weathered look, this DIY project is simple enough to make yourself in the afternoon. It also looks great hung over your sink or in an entryway as a reminder of the importance of gratitude.

Add Cozy Table Lamps

Modern farmhouse design is all about blending the old and the new. But it’s a delicate balance. Go too far toward the rustic and rusty, and you’ll have a look that’s more primitive and country than modern.

Add sleek metal elements to your farmhouse decor to create a more balanced look. A brushed nickel pendant and polished chrome hardware offer enough contrast to keep your style from feeling too dated.

Sliding barn doors are a beautiful addition to any modern farmhouse room. Pair them with a natural-fiber rug for an added cozy and rustic feel. Alternatively, you can use woven materials like sisal and jute to complement the natural wood floors. Just be sure to use a rug pad to prevent slipping and protect your floor.

Add a Natural Texture

Modern farmhouse design is not just about rustic wood and reclaimed pieces. It’s also about texture, which can be created with different materials throughout your home. Textured walls, like shiplap or brick, are a great way to bring in the modern farmhouse look. You can even use peel-and-stick wallpaper to add a texture to your kitchen that is easy and affordable.

Displaying artisan antique elements can also give your room the perfect balance of rustic charm and modern sophistication. A woven basket or hand-painted artwork can add interest to an otherwise neutral space without creating a harsh brightness. Adding dark blues and greens as accent colors can keep your home feeling cozy while still being modern. You can use these accent colors on the wall, furniture, or even in a woven basket.


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