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How Pet Care Changed Through the Years

How connected are people with their pets? That question is answered in actions versus words; people provide so much for their pets today, one might confuse the amount of care as the same as one provides for a family member. Everything from regular pet management tools to unique food recipes to toys and skill-building equipment, pets are a huge driver in terms of how people approach their interaction with animals.

People Have Had Pets for Most of Human History

Having pets is not a new science; people have been interacting with domesticated animals for centuries, from the earliest farms to specialized cats and dogs in ancient Egyptian and Chinese palaces. However, a fundamental shift has definitely happened in modern times with how people see their pets, especially in homes where the “family” has been redefined to include pets, especially where the traditional family model of the nuclear family doesn’t exist. At first, many in the pet world thought this shift might just be a momentary trend. However, it has not only lasted over the last decade, pet focus and care have significantly expanded and solidified nationwide.

Modern Pet Care is Light Years Ahead

Today, pets have better medical care, better services for day and temporary lodging services, home enhancement, and, obviously, better home maintenance by owners. That portfolio of improvements has produced a wide variety of products and services now available that didn’t exist maybe 10 years ago.

Pet accessories continue to be in high demand. That includes many of the typical items for pet care, ranging from food and water bows to leashes and identity collars. However, accessories have also included a tremendous number of new creations as well. Interactive toys have gone well beyond chewing and scratching toys; now they even focus on helping train animals with new skills. And, of course, there is a wide range of clothing accessories. Some are practical, like outdoor extreme weather booties and jackets. Others are purely decorative, such as the highly popular and seasonal wave of Halloween costumes.

An Online Paradigm Continues Strong

Again, online markets have opened up a significant amount of selection for pet owners as well. Folks can purchase on,, and dozens of other sites every day, 24/7 and around the clock. With high-quality production, global delivery, and market reach at one’s fingertips through mobile devices and computers, there is no shortage of choice for pet owners. In fact, a sense of feeling a bit overwhelmed is probably a more common sensation these days for many pet owners. And, the market, as well as options for pet owners, is likely to continue growing, which fosters more invention, creativity, and benefits for pets and their owners today and tomorrow.


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