Exploring the Average Car Accident Settlement

Every year, there are right around 5 million car accidents that are reported to police throughout the country. If you’re ever involved in one, it could cause damage to your car and/or car accident injuries.

You should seriously consider hiring a car crash lawyer to help you file a car accident lawsuit if this is ever the case. The answer to the question, “Can I sue for a car accident?”, is almost always “yes.”

So, what is the average car accident settlement? Well, the answer to that question is going to vary based on a handful of different factors.

Today, we’re going to discuss some of the factors that will have an impact on the car accident settlement that you’re eligible to collect. Check them out below and keep them in mind as you figure out how to sue for a car accident.

The Damage Done to Your Car During an Accident

Were you involved in a minor fender-bender that only did a little bit of damage to one specific part of your car? Or were you in a huge car crash that totaled your car and forced you to buy a new one?

Either way, the damage that was done to your car will alter the average car accident settlement that you’re able to collect. The worse an accident was, the more you might be able to get for it.

The Car Accident Injuries You Sustain

There are so many different kinds of car accident injuries that people can sustain during a crash. Some of the most common ones include:

  • Whiplash
  • Concussion
  • Broken limbs
  • Broken ribs
  • Cuts and scrapes

If you were able to come out of a car accident relatively unscathed, your car accident settlement will often be a lot lower than it would be if you were seriously injured in a crash.

It’s why it’s important for you to seek medical attention in the aftermath of an accident. It’ll provide you with a great overview of which injuries you sustained and give you a better idea of how much money you might be able to collect because of them.

The Impact a Car Accident Has on Your Ability to Work

Oftentimes, people are able to continue working like normal following a car crash. Even if they sustained some bumps and bruises, they won’t keep them out of work for very long.

But there are some instances in which people are forced to miss days, weeks, and even months at work because of car accident injuries. If you fall into this category and can claim lost wages in a car accident lawsuit, it might increase your car accident settlement.

You should closely monitor how many days you miss at work in total because of a car crash.

The Guilty Party Involved in Your Car Accident

In order to be eligible to collect a car accident settlement in the first place, you’ll typically need to be able to prove that someone else was at fault for a crash. Otherwise, you might not be able to get your hands on any money at all.

Additionally, the guilty party in your crash could have a bigger impact on your car accident settlement than you might think. For example, if they were uninsured, that could make it challenging (though not impossible!) for you to obtain a large car accident settlement.

The Car Crash Lawyer You Hire

At this moment, there are well over 1 million lawyers working throughout the country. Many of them will be able to supply you with the help that you need when you’re filing a car accident lawsuit.

But not every car crash lawyer is going to take the same approach to trying to help you get a car accident settlement. Certain lawyers will be able to get you more money than others because of their experience.

Your goal should be to try to track down a reputable car accident lawyer that can do a great job for you. You should also sneak a peek at how much different lawyers will charge you so the lawyer you hire doesn’t cut into your potential profits too much.

This car accident injury lawyer is an excellent option for those who want to collect even more than the average car accident settlement.

The Amount of Money You’re Willing to Settle For

At the end of the day, a car accident settlement is just that. It’s a settlement that you’re willing to accept to avoid going to court.

With this in mind, you will have some say over how high your car accident settlement is. You’re always welcome to hold out for more money if you’re not happy with the initial settlement offer that you receive.

That being said, you won’t want to push your luck too much and end up turning down a settlement offer only to lose your case in court. So you and your lawyer should make sure you’re on the same page as far as what you would be willing to accept.

The Average Car Accident Settlement Will Vary

It can be tricky trying to nail down the average car accident settlement. It tends to vary from one state to the next.

To see what kind of car accident settlement you might be able to collect, you should speak directly to a car crash lawyer. They can shed some light on how much money they believe you could be eligible to obtain.

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