Creating Websites that Drive Sales
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Designing for Conversion: Creating Websites that Drive Sales

Your website is not just a place to share information about your company with your potential clients. Instead, it is also a platform on which they can shop and invest in your company. Rather than allowing your website to stagnate, here are some of the steps that you can take to drive conversion and ensure that your website generates enough sales to keep going.

Keep Advertising on Your Website

Although you might believe all your marketing is done by the time your customers get on your website, this is not the case. To push them to buy one of your products and to prevent them from leaving your website without spending money, you should keep this advertising going for as long as possible.

For instance, you might decide to lay out posters on your homepage or create beautiful banners that lead to specific product pages if your potential customers click on them. You might also do this by writing a blog every so often that can share product uses and make your clients believe that they need one of your items in their lives.

Hire a Web Development Company

You might struggle to create an excellent website if you are not technically minded. If this is the case, you should consider hiring a web development company. Whether you use WordPress or Shopify, this type of venture will take over the building and scaling of your website. This will enable your customers to use and enjoy your e-commerce store without a hitch and prevent them from being instantly put off your website. Then, you should head to Magecloud to see what they can offer you.

Make it Easy to Navigate

However much your customers adore your products, it is unlikely that they will buy one if they have to toil for ages to find the item that they want or work out how to check out. This means that you should spend some time making your website easy to navigate. You should create large buttons that are easy to find and follow and a clear menu that your customers should use to find what they want.

You might also place a site map button at the bottom of your website to allow your customers to scroll through every page on your website. Additionally, it is vital to ensure that check out goes smoothly and that you offer multiple payment options that do not freeze, or else this can lead to an increased amount of cart abandonment.

Improve Loading Speed

If your website is slow and doddery, it is unlikely that your customers will spend much time on it even if they click on a link to it. With the average customer spending only a few seconds waiting for a website to appear, it is vital that you work to make your own website snappy. You can do this by minimizing external scripts, avoiding hefty extensions, and reducing the HTTP requests that go through your website.


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