Designer Necklaces- A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Statement Piece

Designer necklaces can make a remarkable statement and elevate any outfit to a sophisticated sartorial centerpiece. However, choosing the right designer accessory for your style and the occasion is essential.

Prominent, brightly colored necklaces can weigh down your frame and lead to a less dramatic effect. Also, it’s best to avoid wearing multiple necklaces of the same length, as this can look tangled and messy.


When it comes to statement jewelry, a trend can come and go, and while a striking new piece may look great, it’s important to remember that accessorizing should always be based on your style and taste. Choosing one versatile enough to work seamlessly with your existing wardrobe is vital for a designer necklace. For this reason, it has curated a selection of beautiful pieces that are timeless, sophisticated, and elegant.

The first aspect to think about when selecting a necklace is its size. Necklaces come in various lengths, and each size can impact how the piece will sit on your neck. They recommend measuring the length of your neck (or using a tape measurer) and cutting a strip of string or yarn to that measurement so you can see where the necklace will fall when you wear it.

When wearing a bib or cuff necklace, stick with scooped neckline dresses and tops, making your face and framing more prominent. Similarly, avoid halter necks as they can overpower these bold styles.


When it comes to designer necklaces, color can be a significant factor in the look and feel of a piece. Some necklaces feature a single, large-colored stone, while others may be designed to blend multiple colors tastefully and subtly. In either case, your outfit’s colors should be considered before choosing a necklace.

Generally speaking, statement pieces work best when paired with neutral or solid color outfits. Having too many colors and patterns at once can be consuming and detract from the attractiveness of a designer necklace.

Another thing to remember when pairing your outfit with a necklace is the neckline of your top or dress. A longer necklace will look great with a high neckline, while lower necklines can be accommodated with a choker or short chain.

If you’re not ready to jump to a full-on statement necklace, try wearing a bangle bracelet or two with your outfit. This will make your hands stand out and might be a fantastic method for achieving a fashionable appearance that is nonetheless classy.


It’s essential to consider the proportions of a necklace, not just its thickness and length. Choosing a chain that fits well can significantly alter how it feels and appears. For example, a pendant necklace can look too bulky on a more petite frame, and a chain can overwhelm the neck of a person who has a larger chest.

Choosing the right proportions also depends on the necklace’s purpose. For instance, a necklace holding a cross will require a chain proportional to its size. It’s important to consider how a necklace will look when worn with different tops, including v-neck versus crew neck. This can significantly affect how a chain appears and where it pulls attention.

Some offer a unique selection of necklaces by designers. Shop right away to find the ideal addition to your outfit.

Designer jewelry has a remarkable quality, making it more than just an accessory. It tells a story, whether that’s about a particular moment in your life or the style icon who inspired it. Many people are drawn to designer pieces — they connect deeply with the designer’s intention and message. These pieces elicit prestige and admiration from consumers and enthusiasts alike.


When choosing a designer necklace, finding one that matches your style is essential. A statement piece should be unique and have an exceptional quality that stands out from the rest of your jewelry collection. Avoiding too gaudy or faddish pieces is also best, as they can quickly look outdated. If you want to wear a statement piece that will be in fashion for years, choosing one with a timeless design and high-quality materials is best.

Another aspect of style is how you wear the necklace. It is best to pair a statement piece with a simple outfit, as this will help it stand out and draw attention. It is also a good idea to vary the texture of your jewelry, as this can add interest and depth to your look. For example, pair a gold statement necklace with silver earrings or a textured leather bag.

If you wear a bib or collar necklace, it is best to stick with off-shoulder, V-necked, or strapless tops, as these will highlight the necklace’s design. It is also a good idea to wear your hair up when wearing these types of necklaces, as they can easily get caught in long hair.


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