Best Tips For Cleaning an Outdoor Grill

An outdoor grill requires regular cleaning to prevent an unsafe buildup of dirt particles, food remains, carbon deposits, and bacteria which can affect your health. Ideally, you should have a simple grill clean-up after every meal and a deep clean at least twice yearly.

If you intend to clean your grill deep but don’t know where to start, this detailed guide will help you have a smooth experience. You can take photos as you clean to check the visual changes of the process and avoid troubles when putting the parts back together.

Get your Rock Doctors Grill Cleaner

Finding the right cleaning gear is the first step to cleaning your grill. Rock Doctor’s Grill & Grate Cleaner is a powerful formula that you can use to clean every part of your grill. It is fumeless and perfectly reduces grease and carbon residues on your grill. Using the right cleaning agent reduces the cleaning time and ensures excellent results.

Prepare the Grill for Cleaning

Now that you have a powerful cleaner at home, the next step is to prepare your grill for cleaning. Start by disconnecting the grill from the gas to avoid accidents when cleaning. Remove the grates and keep them aside. Remove the metal plates so that you can clean everything separately for the best results.

Soak the Grill

Cleaning an outdoor grill requires an excellent soak to loosen the dirt. Grease stains on your grill for easy removal. Soak the grates and metal coverings in a sink (or large basin) filled with hot water. They should soak for at least 30 minutes for the best results.

Wipe the Grill with a Clean Rag

Your grill will be ready for cleaning after thirty minutes of hot water soaking. Take a clean, soft rag and wipe off the loosened dirt from the grill surface. If you have neglected the grill for a while or it’s messy, you may need more than one towel to clean the grill to your liking thoroughly.

This step might take longer, especially if the grill has some hard stains. You can use a steel wire and add more grill cleaner to eliminate the stubborn stains. Rinse your grill with clean running water when you’re done with the scrubbing.

Let It Dry and Assemble

Allow your grill 20 to 30 minutes to dry well before you assemble it. Remember to clean it gently after every meal to avoid the buildup of tough stains.

Gas Grill Maintenance Tips for Maintaining Its Cleanliness 

Grills require maintenance to improve functional efficiency, maintain the original aesthetic appeal and extend the lifespan. Follow these simple practices to keep your grill looking as clean as new always:

Preheat the grill every time before using it. You can oil the grill before use. Small oil drops on your grills prevent food particles/stains from sticking while cooking. However, you should ensure the grills are hot before applying the oil drops for the best results.

Brush off food clumps after using. Don’t leave food particles on the grills for long. Clean them off immediately using a soft grill brush or soft towel. The particles will get off quickly when you apply some oil.

Get a grill cover. A grill cover protects your outdoor grill from dust, snow, and other particles when you are not using the grill.

Remember, safety comes first when using an outdoor gas grill. Regularly inspect your grill to ensure no leaks and that every part is in excellent condition. Seek professional help immediately if you notice a leak or poor connection, which might risk you and your family.

Why You Should Keep Your Grill Clean

Here are incredible reasons you should keep your gas grill clean, regardless of how often you use it.

  • Cleaning removes harmful carcinogenic buildups, which might quickly transfer to your food
  • Cleaning helps avoid illness by eliminating bacteria and viruses buildup on the grills
  • Regular cleaning prevents chemical reactions which might erode your grill with time
  • Cleaning removes oils, rust, and other elements which might shorten the lifespan of your grill

Bottom Line

Cleaning a grill is easy when you have the right cleaner and equipment. Follow the tips above to keep your grill clean and safe for you and your family. Don’t forget regular inspections to ensure every part of the grill works well.


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