Benefits of Having an Experienced Lawyer for Legal Disputes

Did you know that there are around 1.3 million lawyers in the United States? Despite this large amount, it is crucial to choose a lawyer who has the skills to give quality representation. Finding the right lawyer takes time and potential clients must be willing to ask questions to find who may best serve them. 

Are you in the market for a quality lawyer who can help you secure victory on a case? Whether you are looking for a lawyer who specializes in personal finance, real estate, or family law, read on to learn the benefits of hiring an experienced lawyer for your legal disputes. 

They Probably Have Litigation Experience

Imagine this – you’ve hired a lawyer for your personal injury case after a traumatic car accident. They brag about very high settlement rates, and how quickly they can turn through cases. While this seems enticing, what happens if your case proceeds to trial and this attorney does not have litigation experience?

Hiring an experienced lawyer for your legal dispute often means they have worked through contentious situations, and perhaps even done some trial work. Have confidence that your lawyer feels prepared for whichever direction the case takes and will work in your best interest is very important. 

Litigation is a complex art and gets better with time and practice. Young lawyers often learn as they go, finding the tactics that work well and those that do not. We recommend hiring a lawyer who knows what will work and can offer a sound strategy to win the case. 

They Know How Court Proceedings Work

Though new lawyers may think they understand how court proceedings work through TV and the movies, they don’t know it all until they have experienced it themselves. An experienced lawyer who has worked through many legal disputes knows what works in court and what does not. 

For example, they may have learned that very emotional appeals to the jury do not work well. They may know that being cordial with the other side is important to earn a judge’s respect. They have done this before, so their strategy to win your case will be stronger than a lawyer lacking experience. 

Being in the fire and experiencing it firsthand is how lawyers gain confidence in complex court proceedings. Hire a lawyer who knows exactly what to do. 

They Have Done Many Negations

Did you know that only 1% of cases filed in federal court end with a trial? This seems hard to believe since the media portrays lawyers essentially living in the courtroom. So much of the work with a legal case happens before trial, which is the last possible step in a court proceeding. 

The reality is that settlements are how most cases are resolved. While both sides may need to compromise, attorneys can make creative solutions to secure their party’s interests. When hiring a lawyer, you want to ensure that they are confident with negotiations. 

Negotiation often involves the clients on both sides and their respective attorneys. A good lawyer will know how to convey the client’s interest to the opposing side. They will keep the client involved in decision-making for a positive result. 

Missing a Deadline Can Ruin the Case

The legal has many deadlines to keep track of. If an attorney misses the deadline to file a document or fails to show up for a proceeding, the client can lose their chance of any success in a case. Since a client typically is not aware of how the legal proceedings work, they must trust that the lawyer will work hard to ensure that deadlines are met. 

Whether you are just beginning with the case or in the appeals process, hiring an experienced attorney can assure you that deadlines will be met. They will have done cases similar to yours many times, and know exactly how to run the case. 

You may wish to ask your potential lawyer their rate of successful case completions. Whether it is 20% or 80%, this number can give you an idea of how many clients were properly served. 

Practicing Law Is Very Complicated

Though there are many lawyers in the United States, it is certainly not an easy profession. People need to go to law school for three years, and then pass the incredibly difficult bar exam after that. However, the learning begins after a lawyer passes the bar and becomes licensed. 

So much about being a lawyer is not taught in law school. Things like how to be a savvy negotiator, how to stay on top of deadlines, and how to connect with a client are things that most attorneys get good at through years of practice. Because being a lawyer is so challenging, you want to find an experienced attorney who is great in their craft. 

The team at Litigation Advocates would love to take on your case and zealously represent you. Their firm is called McKenna, McCausland, and Murphy, P.A. Comprised of four attorneys, this Florida team is happy to learn about your case. 

Your Lawyer May Be Known by the Other Side

Just like many other professions, lawyers are well-known in their communities. Especially in small towns, it is not uncommon for attorneys to have many cases against one another each year. What goes around comes around, and having a lawyer who always works with professionalism can be advantageous. 

Whether it’s for an appeal or the start of a case, hiring an experienced lawyer with a positive reputation in the community is beneficial. Lawyers who have earned reputations as professional but also strong fighters enjoy respect from the other side. Sometimes, this may promote collegiality between the parties and promote an efficient settlement 

When hiring a lawyer, do not be afraid to ask these questions. Learning how long they have practiced in the area and the ways they are connected to the community can help you make wise decisions. Before your initial consultation with a prospective attorney, write a list of questions to get a sense of the work they could do for you. 

They Have a Network of Professionals to Bring In

As mentioned earlier, sometimes cases go to trial. Though this is uncommon, your attorney must have all of the resources necessary if it does happen. If you are dealing with issues like lease disputes, hiring a lawyer will mean having access to other impressive people. 

One of these resources is access to quality people you can bring in. Expert witnesses are a big part of trials, and they are brought in to share information about the case. Some examples include medical experts, engineering experts, and financial experts. 

Working with a lawyer who is an expert in their craft ensures that they have a wide professional network. They will have the connections that you may need to hire if the time comes. You can have confidence that anyone they hire as an expert witness will be a true professional because the lawyer also has a vested interest in winning the case. 

They Will Counsel You Through the Process

Finally, a profound benefit of hiring an experienced attorney for your legal dispute is that they will counsel you through the process. Being involved in litigation can be very stressful, and for many clients, it is their first experience from the inside. 

Lawyers are counselors for good reason. Not only should they be thinking of savvy legal solutions for your dilemmas. They should also be walking you through the process. Clients want peace of mind that their lawyer is working in their best interest. 

Sometimes, communication can be a challenge for even the most experienced lawyers. As a client, it is imperative to explain what communication style you would like with your attorney.

While some people prefer updates only when there is news, others prefer a 15-minute check-in each week with your lawyer. Once they are aware of your needs, an experienced lawyer will confidently walk you through the process.

Now You Know Why You Should Hire an Experienced Lawyer 

We hope that this guide helped to illustrate the reasons why hiring an experienced lawyer is the way to go. Though you may be allured by flashy ads or low hourly rates, finding an attorney you can trust with quality experience is the best way to secure a positive outcome. 

The team at Litigation Advocates would love to meet you and learn more about your case. Whether you seek legal assistance in commercial tenant evictions, lease enforcement, legal collections, dispute resolution, or commercial litigation and appeals, they are an experienced team ready to help. 


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