Basic Do’s and Don’ts for Outstanding Plastic Surgery Results

Plastic surgery is not an event but a process that accompanies various stages at every step. Right from the surgery need, assessments, operation, and recovery, each phase has its own guidelines. Recovery from plastic surgery can sometimes be uncomfortable at its best. However, you’re good at going if you have the correct information on what to do and not to do. Read along for an insightful guide to outstanding plastic surgery results.

Don’t Use Price As the Only Surgeon Selection Criteria

Yes, you got that right. Most people choose the cheapest surgeon for their procedures, which is a fatal move. There’s more to look into before settling on any medic.

Ask yourself some questions and if the answers don’t add up to the task, move to the next surgeon in line. If you ask for referrals from friends, most will recommend Joel Aronowitz, MD, the best of all surgeons. Consider the surgeon’s level of experience, past surgeries, and professionalism.

Prepare Before the Surgery

Like any other appointment, you need to prepare for the procedure correctly. Inquire your doctor about what to carry to the hospital and change into the right clothes. Since your surgeon will advise you to rest more after the surgery, buy everything you require before you step into the surgery room. Further, prior preparation will save you the hassle and strain of meeting your needs while you should be in the recovery bed.

Have Realistic Post-Surgery Expectations

You might want to look like your favorite celebrity, but it’s unrealistic that you’ll have an exact copy of how they look. Therefore, as you set your standards, convince yourself that the new you will be more beautiful in the exclusive features. Prepare yourself mentally for contentment, no matter the results. For instance, if you go in for a Brazilian Butt Lift Scottsdale procedure (or one where you are), you probably have a picture in mind of what you’ll look like, however, just because you are not an exact carbon copy of someone else does not mean that it won’t look amazing once done. You will look great and you will also feel great after getting something you have been longing for.

Avoid Alcohol and Smoking

Alcohol dehydrates your body and may cause swelling even after the bandages are off your body. Also, it acts as a blood thinner and may increase the bleeding risk. Therefore, thinking of unwinding the healing process with a glass of red wine is a wrong decision. At all costs, avoid smoking since its mix with anesthesia is unbearable. Hence, to maximize your plastic surgery results, it’s high time to wave smoking goodbye.

Follow the Surgeon’s Instructions

Surgeons always advise how you will care for yourself after the operation. Once the specialist discharges you, you’ll be on your own, under no watch. You must note every written or verbal prescription and stick by them. Eat healthy foods, drink a lot of water, and if the surgeon excludes one type of food, don’t include it on your plate.

Schedule Regular Check-Ups

After the reconstruction, you may respond to medication smoothly or otherwise. Either way, scheduling a regular checkup with your surgeon is advisable to assess the healing progress. During and after the checkup, your doctor gives you the basic recovery report and may recommend a change in medication. Finally, ask for the surgeon’s contact for prompt communication and response.

Surgery procedures like facelifting, abdominoplasty, nasal surgery, and liposuction often produce dramatic lifelong results. Without the effort, you risk negating the best effects you want. Fortunately, with the above tips, getting and maintaining your new look is possible by living a healthy lifestyle and following the surgeon’s instructions.


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