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Art-Deco Interior Design: What Is It, and Why Is It So Trendy?

Are you looking to add a touch of style and luxury to your home? If so, the art-deco interior design may be a perfect choice. Art-deco is one of the hottest modern trends in home interiors today, thanks to its combination of luxurious comfort and bold, sophisticated elegance. From sleek lines and bold geometric shapes to unique statement pieces that make all eyes swivel when they enter a room – an art deco-inspired interior can do wonders for any living space. 

In this article, we’ll look into what exactly art-deco is all about, explore how it has grown from its humble beginnings in 20s Parisian life to become one of today’s most desirable interior styles. And we’ll discuss why many people are choosing this trend for their own homes. So let’s get started.

What is art-deco design, and where did it originate from?

Art-deco is a type of visual art and design style that first emerged in Paris during the 1920s, with further popularity growing throughout Europe and North America during the 1930s. It was heavily influenced by modernism, futurism, cubism, and other avant-garde cultural movements. Its distinct look is created by linear solid symmetrical shapes, bold colors (usually black or gold), ornamental detailing such as geometric patterns and sculptured lines, natural materials like marble and chrome, and intricate glasswork.

How does art-deco design differ from other interior design styles, and why is it so popular right now?

Art-deco design stands out from other interior styles’ focus on modernity, luxury, and sophistication. It presents an opportunity to create a luxurious atmosphere with simple yet eye-catching pieces that stand out as statement pieces. It is why it has been so popular for so long.

The trend for art deco continues to grow due to the versatility of the style; it can be adapted to fit any home by adding elements such as bold colors, metallic accents, or ornamental detailing, making it easy to incorporate into your existing decor.

Additionally, homeowners appreciate how art-deco-inspired interiors make living spaces look larger than they are by creating visual illusions through geometric shapes and symmetrical lines.

What are some of the critical pieces for creating an art-deco interior design?

Statement furniture and designer lighting are the most popular pieces used to create an art-deco-inspired interior. Art deco statement pieces like velvet chairs, sleek sofas, or marble tables can instantly transform a room into a luxurious living space. Similarly, eye-catching light fixtures such as chandeliers or wall sconces can add glamour and elegance to any room.Other essential items needed for achieving the look include:

  • Mirrored walls.
  • Unique sculptures/ornaments.
  • Metallic surfaces.
  • Geometric prints/designs on upholstery fabrics and wallpaper.
  • Elegant curtains and rugs featuring intricate details.

Why should you choose art-deco interior design for your home? 

Art-deco is the perfect style to create a luxurious, elegant atmosphere in any home. From its bold lines and shapes to its ornamental detailing and use of natural materials – an art deco-inspired interior can be both stylish and modern while incorporating comfort and versatility. Additionally, the trend is highly versatile and can be easily adapted to fit different tastes, making it ideal for those looking to add a touch of luxury without breaking their budget.

Moreover, homeowners who love creating visual illusions will appreciate how art-deco interiors make living spaces look larger than they are, thanks to their combination of geometric shapes, symmetrical lines, and bold colors.

Where can you find art-deco furniture and accessories to help create the look in your home?

Art-deco-inspired furniture and accessories are readily available from different sources. For example, many online stores specialize in offering a wide range of art deco items, ranging from statement pieces to smaller decorative objects. Additionally, local home décor stores or antique shops can be great places to find unique finds for your own space. Check out ROUS hardware, a leading online store for art-deco-inspired furniture and accessories, to get started on your art-deco makeover.

Are there any potential problems with mixing different styles?

When it comes to using art-deco-inspired interiors in your home, you should consider a few potential drawbacks. For instance, due to its ornamental detailing, art-deco-inspired interiors can feel overwhelming and busy if not used in moderation.

It is vital to keep the design balanced by incorporating elements such as bold colors, geometric shapes, mirrored surfaces, or statement pieces. Additionally, it might be challenging to mix styles without clashing, so it’s vital to choose complimentary colors and textures when using art-deco-inspired ideas with other interior styles.

In conclusion

Art-deco interior design has become increasingly popular due to its versatility and ability to create a luxurious atmosphere without compromising comfort and practicality. Its unique combination of shapes, colors, textures, and materials makes it an attractive choice for those looking to add a touch of luxury and sophistication.

With the right pieces, anyone can easily create a stunning art-deco-inspired interior in their own home. Before you start, consider all potential drawbacks, such as clashing styles or over-complicated designs. Still, with careful planning and creativity, it is possible to achieve an elegant and timeless look that will last for years.


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