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Are There Laws on Selling Liquid Goods Internationally?

Yes, there are laws, rules and regulations throughout the world regarding selling liquid goods, and these can vary from country to country. They can even vary depending on the state you are in (or selling to). For selling or importing alcohol there will be different rules compared to selling or importing items such as perfumes or fragrances.

Being well-informed about the laws and regulations will help you avoid costly fines and help you build a positive reputation for your business and brand. Investing your time in establishing which laws exist will save you unnecessary stress and worry further down the line.

What Liquid Goods Are You Going to Be Selling?

Before going any further, you must establish what goods you will sell. Suppose you are looking at selling items for human consumption (such as beverages). In that case, you will have to contact health and safety boards and organizations in the country of origin and the destination country. Also, remember that if you are selling to a country with a different language, you may also have to pay for professional translations of the goods.

Top Tip: Do not be afraid to invest in professional advice and guidance. Speaking to lawyers about patents or establishing what laws you must abide by is going to be a worthwhile investment.

Contacting Distributors and Suppliers

After establishing what you are going to be selling, you then need to look at contacting distributors, suppliers and shipping companies. Those businesses that are already established will be your best point of contact. They will already have the knowledge and awareness that you require. They will know what can and cannot be sold, and at what recommended price. As a business owner, you must understand what can be sold, where and why.

After establishing this, you will need to contact suppliers to get your materials or products. For instance, if you run a beauty store and are looking to sell fragrance gift sets internationally, click here to reach out to trusted suppliers. They can help you source products at affordable prices and guide you about recommended prices.

Labelling and Packaging

When selling liquid goods, there may also be labeling requirements and packaging requirements that you have to adhere to. Reaching out to a specialist lawyer may also prove beneficial, especially if you are selling to a country that operates in a different language than your native language. To meet labeling and packaging requirements for transportation and even reselling, you have to ensure all labels are clear, well packaged, and most likely contain a tamper seal too.

Some liquid goods (such as perfumes and fragrances) can be cheaply reproduced and these poor-quality products can be dangerous and harmful to consumers. So, always check out the labeling and packaging to ascertain authenticity.

Top Tip: Reach out to professionals in the countries you are looking at selling to. They will have awareness and knowledge that you can then tap into. You may be able to find these professionals through trade directories, or you may find a visit to the country beneficial.


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