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Advantages of Using a Good Controller For PC Gaming

Aside from being more comfortable to use, controllers are better suited for games like racing and fighting. 

Plus, many games support keyboard and mouse input to switch between them.


While the mouse and keyboard are still the go-to for PC gamers, many prefer the comfort of a controller. The console-style gamepads can provide the extra input options players need, especially in games that must be fully optimized for keyboard and mouse. This includes older ports of console titles or those that were initially designed for controller play.

A controller can also make the gaming experience more comfortable for extended playing sessions, allowing you to lean back and relax. This is particularly helpful when playing a game that requires a lot of precision, such as an RTS or action title.

The build quality of a controller can also make or break the gaming experience. A mushy or wobbly controller can be frustrating and cause you to lose character control. A suitable controller should feel solid and well-made in your hand and withstand the wear and tear of extended gaming sessions.

A suitable controller will also have low input lag, responding quickly to your commands. Wired controllers tend to have lower input lag than wireless ones, as they communicate with the computer more quickly. Increasing your FPS (frames per second) can also reduce this delay, shaving off those valuable milliseconds of input lag.


While keyboard and mouse gaming may be the default way to play PC games, some titles work better with a controller for PC gaming. Whether it’s a PC game console port or a game designed for a controller, these titles benefit from the additional input options and precision offered by a gamepad.

From aiming in shooters to moving around jRPG mind dungeons, a suitable controller can make the difference between winning and losing. A controller can also be more comfortable for longer gaming sessions than a keyboard and mouse setup. A wired controller can also be helpful because it communicates with the computer more quickly than a wireless controller, reducing input lag.

Input lag can be a big issue in PC gaming, and even a few milliseconds of delay can be the difference between victory and defeat. A high-quality controller can reduce this lag by translating the button presses into an onscreen action with a fast processor. A suitable controller can also be more reliable than a cheap, poorly built controller.

One of the most incredible things about PC gaming is its flexibility. You can use a controller, mouse, keyboard, or both, and many games support switching between the two during gameplay. 


There are many different ways to play PC games, and even though a mouse and keyboard are the default way to play, many people prefer to use controllers. If you are one of those people, a suitable controller can distinguish between winning and losing.

Most PC-compatible controllers offer a wide range of features for various gaming styles. For example, some have pressure-sensitive triggers that let you feel the difference in force needed to press the button.

This can be useful in racing or sports games, where subtle changes in pressure can make a big difference. Some even have a button that lets you change the trigger lock to choose how far down you need to press before it registers an input.

Another great feature is the D-pad. A good D-pad will accurately register inputs and minimize the accidental down-right inputs common in games. Some also include hall effect sensors that resist drift over time, making them even better than potentiometer-based sticks.

Today’s best PC controllers are customizable and have a rumble function that can add some extra realism to the gaming experience. Some of them also have a modular design that lets you swap out some components, and some even come with removable paddles that can be used in games.


A suitable controller will have plenty of software and hardware customization options. Whether you’re a fan of first-party Xbox controllers or more niche third-party ones, you’ll find that most have a variety of ways to remap buttons and other functions to make them suit your playstyle better.

In addition to remapping controls, many of these pieces of gaming hardware can also add extra functionality to your controller, such as an integrated scroll wheel that makes it easy to cycle through commands in RTS or MOBA games or a joystick that lets you zoom in and out of maps on the fly. This added functionality can be essential to a PC gaming experience, especially for hardcore gamers who want to get the most out of their gear.

Using a traditional mouse and keyboard to play a game on a PC is still the default approach for most gamers. However, for some types of games, a suitable controller can be the best way to go. 


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