A Guide to the Best Reloading Dies of 2023

One of the best ways to save money on ammo and hunting supplies is to reload your own. Reloading saves money up front and it saves you money every time you use the ammunition you’ve created.

While many people are intimidated by the process of reloading, it’s actually a very easy process. However, you do need to have the correct tools to complete it. That’s where reloading dies come in.

Are you hoping to get started in reloading? If so, you need to learn more about dies. Check out the guide below to learn more about the best reloading dies on the market.

Redding Type S Match Bushing Full Die Sets

Redding Type S Match Bushing Full Die Sets are the best reloading dies of 2023. Made from quality materials and with extremely precise dimensions, these die sets for reloading provide superior reloading performance. The three-die set includes:

  • a full-length resizing die
  • a bullet seating die
  • a neck sizing die

It ensures all brass cases are given the same, consistent treatment. The self-lubricating sizing bushing system reduces adjustment time. It eliminates neck stretching while maintaining alignment.

Re-sizing is quick and easy with smooth, consistent function. It operates without edge galling or need for lubrication. The accurately machined internal tolerances help to produce cases with top accuracy.

The die sets also come with a powder funnel, formerly an optional accessory. Redding Type S Match Bushing Full Die Sets are built to last and deliver precision reloading accuracy and consistency.

RCBS Gold Medal Match Reloading Die Set

The RCBS Gold Medal Match Reloading Die Set was one of the highest-rated reloading dies of 2023. It is designed for serious competitive shooters that need absolute precision. The set comes with several components:

  • a full-length sizing die
  • seating die
  • a small base-sizing die

This ensures that your reloaded rounds are consistent and precise. The full-length sizing die-like ensures that all of your brass cases are perfectly aligned and sized for optimal performance.

Additionally, the seating die provides reloaders with superior concentricity while the small base sizing die allows cases to be sized properly to feed and function in semi-automatic firearms.

Hornady Series II Taper Crimp Die Set

This reloading die set comes with an extra die to help crimp cases fit perfectly. The dies are CNC machined for accuracy, reducing the chances of misalignment and feed problems.

The shell holder cams work to reduce case sizing, which reduces the amount of setup time and total reloading cycle time. This die set is simple to use and can be adjusted to easily customize rifles to load different ammo types.

The set also includes a seating die to seat bullets securely and accurately. Hornady has equipped this die set with a high-risk polymer O-ring for uniform tension and to help prevent brass-to-brass contact, which ensures consistent performance each and every time. 

The Best Reloading Dies up to Date

Reloading dies have come a long way since 2023, and the improved quality and features are sure to make your reloading experience enjoyable.

If you’re ready to take your reloading to the next level, then our guide to the best reloading dies of 2023 is the place to start. Get all the information you need to make the best choice for your reloading setup!

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