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5 Things That Fail a Home Inspection in 2024

With rising prices, finding and purchasing a new home is challenging, but 4.5 million new homeowners bought a house in the United States in 2023. Discovering a home that meets all your criteria is an exciting moment. It’s a step toward realizing the dream of owning your living space.

Knowing the things that fail a home inspection is vital to preparing when listing your home on the market or proceeding with a transaction. Working with a local home inspector can keep the sale from falling through while ensuring home safety for the buyer.

You deserve to move forward with your home sale with confidence. Continue reading to prepare your home to pass inspection with this guide today!

1. Foundation

The foundation is a significant culprit when a home fails to pass inspection. The issue is made worse if your home has a basement due to its location below ground level, making it easy for water to enter and weaken the foundation.

Underground water can also seep through the foundation, creating potential health and structural issues. Your home may fail if the walls are bowed or feature long-running cracks. Consider making repairs before selling the house to ensure home safety for the new residents.

2. Roofing

Roofing is one of the top things that fail a home inspection. If left unrepaired, a leaky roof will cause far more issues than a wet spot on the floor. Living in an area with high rain and snow makes your home more likely to fail due to roofing problems.

Rotting and warped shingles are standard on homes that fail inspection. Talk with your local home inspector for advice on proceeding to pass inspection.

3. Heating and Cooling Systems

Monitor your home’s heating and cooling systems when preparing to list it or sell it to an interested buyer. The ductwork is the first place to check to ensure no leaks.

The individual inspecting your home will also check the pipes, filters, and thermostat. If you’re ready to schedule an inspection, check this out!

4. Electrical Systems

Electrical fires are a risk homeowners face in the United States. When you schedule a home inspection, inspectors will check the electrical systems, which are a hotspot. Insufficient outlets and poor quality of wiring are the top reasons an inspector will fail your home.

5. Plumbing

If you fail to notice leaks, your home’s plumbing can cause extensive damage and higher utility bills. Your home can also fail inspection, and the value of your property can plummet if it has plumbing problems. It’s best to fix the issue to prevent the buyer from backing out of the agreement.

Note the Things That Fail a Home Inspection

Preparing to sell a home can be stressful, but knowing the things that fail a home inspection can help you prepare for your new home and the next chapter. Monitor the home’s foundation and roofing to ensure you sell a safe home. Work with a local home inspector to identify issues with electrical and plumbing systems and take steps toward remediation.

Navigating the real estate market is challenging, but selling your home and finding your dream house is possible with guidance. Read more of our Real Estate content for tips on how to find and enjoy a safe home today!


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