Common Motorcycle Accidents and How a Lawyer Can Help

5 Common Motorcycle Accidents and How a Lawyer Can Help

Many motorcycle accidents are caused by drivers who don’t see or understand the risks that motorcyclists face on the road. These mistakes can be deadly.

Car drivers are psychologically programmed to look for large vehicles, so they often miss motorcyclists in traffic gaps. This makes left-hand turn accidents particularly dangerous to riders.


Dooring incidents are some of the most dangerous kinds of motorcycle accidents. They occur when a driver or passenger of a car opens their door without checking for motorcyclists, often causing the doors to collide with the riders and propel them onto the pavement.

These types of crashes can be highly deadly for motorcyclists, who lack the protection of seatbelts and airbags when thrown from their bikes. It’s also possible for drivers to open their doors while a rider is lane-splitting, which can add another layer of danger to the already difficult situation.

In many cases, the person who opened the door is liable for the accident. A motorcycle lawyer in Las Vegas can help determine who is at fault by analyzing the facts of the case and applying the law to reach a fair compensation award.

Lane Splitting

Using your motorcycle to zip between lanes of stopped traffic can save you time and frustration. Unfortunately, it can also put you in danger.

During lane splitting, your bike can easily get caught in the blind spot of cars changing lanes or merging onto the highway. In addition, if you split too close to large vehicles, they may hit your motorbike with their rear bumper or trailer.

You can avoid these accidents by signaling, honking, or creating noise to alert drivers of your presence on the road. It would help to prevent lane splitting in heavy or bumper-to-bumper traffic. If you can, ride in the far left lane to make it easier for drivers to see you. It would help if you also avoided lane splitting near trucks, buses, and other larger vehicles because they have wider blind spots and pose more risk.


Motorcycles are enjoyable and exciting to ride, but they can also be quite dangerous. Without the physical protection of a car or truck, motorcyclists are at much greater risk of severe injuries and death in accidents.

Excessive speeding is a common factor in motorcycle accidents. This can be caused by riders who ignore the speed limit or drivers who fail to see that a motorcyclist is approaching.

High speeds can increase the impact force, making riders more likely to be thrown from their bike and injured. It can also reduce the time a rider has to react to unexpected road hazards or obstacles. Driving while distracted is another common cause of speeding-related motorcycle accidents. Drivers distracted by eating, phone use, or other activities may miss seeing a motorcyclist and crash into them.

Head-On Collisions

Head-on collisions are the most common type of accident for motorcyclists, and they can cause severe injuries and even death. The force of a car crashing into a motorcycle can break bones, crush internal organs, and cause serious spinal injuries. Head or brain injuries are also common in head-on collisions, and these can cause permanent disabilities.

Drivers often hit motorcyclists when they change lanes without checking their mirrors or blind spots. These drivers can be distracted or reckless and may fail to see the rider.

Other causes of head-on collisions include riding between lanes of stopped or slow-moving traffic, speeding, drowsy driving, aggressive driving, and failing to check the weather before starting to drive. Some accidents can be blamed on road conditions like slippery surfaces or ice, though in rare cases, these crashes might result from an act of God.

Drunk Driving

Drunk driving endangers all motorists, but it is hazardous to motorcyclists. This is because a driver who fails to detect a motorcycle in their blind spot can be ejected from the bike and severely injured or killed.

Motorcyclists should avoid drinking and riding at the same time since it takes about six hours for the body to clear a single drink’s effects from the cerebellum. Taking any amount of hard liquor, beer, or wine will impair the rider’s ability to make sound decisions on the road.

In addition, riders should always wear their helmets to protect themselves in the event of an accident. The resulting injuries can be severe and costly for victims. To pursue compensation, a skilled legal team will demonstrate the defendant’s negligence in a civil claim.


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