Fixing your home's air conditioning system requires knowing what can hinder your progress. Here are common residential AC repair mistakes and how to avoid them.
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5 Common Air Conditioning Problems and How to Fix Them

You rely on your air conditioning system during the summer to keep you cool. So when you notice any issues, it’s important to get them repaired as soon as possible.

Air conditioning problems are common, but it’s best to address them before they become serious. 

Frozen Coils

Frozen AC coils are a common problem that should be addressed sooner rather than later. This is because a frozen AC coil can lead to significant damage and require costly repairs if not fixed quickly.

The evaporator coils in your AC unit vaporize liquid refrigerant to cool the air. However, if your unit runs too hard, it can absorb excess heat that causes the refrigerant to freeze.

Another common cause of frozen AC coils is a leaking refrigerant line. This can cause the evaporator coils to freeze over and result in water damage.

One way to resolve this issue is through air conditioning repair and by changing the AC filter. This simple step can help unfreeze the ice that may be on the evaporator coils of your HVAC system.

Leaking Ductwork

Duct leaks can make your system work much harder than it should, leading to faster wear and tear. Taking care of these problems early on can prevent this from happening.

Generally, the best way to detect leaks is by running your HVAC system on full blast while you visually inspect your ductwork. This will force air to be circulated in your home, making it easier to find duct tears and holes.

Leaks can be easy to spot, especially in the joints between two sections of ductwork. Put your hand near the joint and feel if cold air is coming out. This is a good indication of a leak.

Fan Motor Issues

Your fan motor is one of the most crucial parts of your AC system. It not only helps to circulate the air, but it also keeps your AC compressor from overheating and failing.

It’s important to check your fan motor frequently to ensure it’s in good working condition. Not only does this make your home more comfortable, but it can also help to prevent costly repairs down the road.

The most common reason for fan motor failure is a problem with the power relay. The contacts inside the relay can go bad and stop sending the signal that the motor needs to turn.

Mysterious Sounds

If you hear strange sounds from your AC, it’s time to look closer. These mysterious noises are often indicative of a serious problem that needs to be addressed by an air conditioning installation professional.

One of the most common problems that can cause AC to make a buzzing sound is if there are loose wires or a frayed connection in your system. If your AC unit makes this noise, it’s important to call a technician immediately.

The same goes for when your unit starts to whistle, even if it’s only for a few seconds. This is also an indicator of a problem with the fan belt, so it’s worth contacting a technician to assess.

Unlevel Thermostat

If your thermostat isn’t sitting level along your wall, it may not be able to detect your home’s temperature. This is a common issue with older thermostats that use mercury bulbs to detect temperature.

This problem is often caused by dust and debris that collects inside the thermostat. This can block the sensor’s ability to accurately read your room’s temperature, making it seem like your home is much cooler than it is.

The best way to resolve this issue is to remove the thermostat faceplate and wipe it clean with a soft tip brush or cloth. This will ensure that no dirt or lint collects in the sensitive components.


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