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4 Reasons Why CFN Fuel Cards Are Perfect for Your Business

A CFN fuel card allows you to access wholesale cost-plus pricing at the country’s most prominent commercial card lock network. You can access the PacPride and extended Fuelman networks for even more fueling locations.

The unrivaled diesel network includes industry-standard security controls and convenient account management services. You’ll get detailed invoices with information like a driver, date, gallons, vehicle number, and odometer reading.

Cost-Plus Pricing

Commercial Fuel Network offers a trusted card lock fuel station network designed and built for large trucks. The CFN fuel cards for business also offer many other controls, reporting, and savings, making it the best choice for fleet managers and drivers.

Cost-plus pricing is a simple pricing model that calculates the final selling price of a product or service by adding together the cost of raw materials, direct labor, overhead expenses, and profit margin. This approach has several key benefits for businesses:

Perceived fairness- When applied with prudence, cost-plus pricing conveys the impression that a company’s prices are reasonable, which can build trust and customer loyalty. 

Competitive stability- By focusing on a target profit margin, cost-plus pricing removes the incentive for aggressive price competition and reduces the risk of damaging price wars.

However, cost-plus pricing has some limitations. For example, it may need to be more effective in dynamic markets with changing costs or unpredictable demand. It can also limit differentiation and expose businesses to higher-than-expected prices from competitors that do not use the same calculation. For these reasons, many businesses combine value-based and competition-based pricing strategies.

Industry-Leading Purchase Controls

With CFN, fleets can access wholesale/cost-plus pricing at traditional card lock locations designed for commercial use. These locations offer a convenient, safe, cost-effective alternative to retail gas stations. It also eliminates the need to carry multiple cards for different vehicles, reducing the risk of theft and the associated cost.

When paired with a POS system, these cards provide complete records of every purchase and document each transaction with details like date, time, vehicle, and driver. It allows you to identify potential issues and take corrective action. You can even restrict purchases by product, preventing your drivers from purchasing higher-priced products they don’t need.

This type of control is essential for businesses that require specialized fuels or are concerned about theft, such as trucking companies. It also helps prevent them from buying premium fuel that doesn’t fit their vehicles, which can cause costly damage.

CFN cards are excellent for trucking, distribution, manufacturing, and construction fleets. With access to discounted fuel and additional business services, they can save money while complying with local, state, and federal regulations. They can also experience the benefits of a comprehensive reporting system with exception reporting and alerts delivered to their phone or computer. It means they can eliminate the need to spend valuable time analyzing spreadsheets and focus on running their business efficiently.

Access to All Grades of Fuel

If you want to save on fuel costs, a CFN card can help your fleet reach its savings goals. The breadth of data these cards provide helps your team track fuel expenses, optimize routes for cost-savings and understand the fueling habits of drivers for corrective action.

CFN provides access to thousands of card lock sites, unlike other fuel cards that operate like credit cards and offer no control of fueling locations. You also get a single detailed invoice to streamline fuel management and accounting. These features help businesses streamline and simplify their fueling processes.

The CFN card offers many benefits that are beneficial for a variety of fleet types and sizes. Trucking companies, distributors, and manufacturers that operate their trucks benefit from access to discounted fuel sites designed for large vehicles. Construction firms and others that utilize dyed diesel to eliminate on-road taxes upfront can benefit from CFN’s discounted pricing.

Other CFN card benefits include setting profiles for individual drivers or departments, gallon limits per transaction, and product controls that prevent card misuse. When you add these features, you have a powerful anti-theft tool that can significantly reduce or eliminate fuel theft. In addition, every time the card is used for a purchase, an e-mail is sent to a designated pager, cell phone, or computer for instant receipts and confirmation of transactions.


When your drivers are on the road, they need fast, reliable refueling at safe and designed locations for their trucks. CFN fuel cards provide access to an extensive network of unattended card lock sites designed with commercial vehicles in mind. They have plenty of overhead clearance, extra space for wide turns, and high-speed fueling pumps. In addition, CFN sites only serve truckers and their fleets, so they are less crowded than retail gas stations with a lot of traffic.

These locations also use a cost-plus pricing model based on wholesale commercial rack prices rather than the higher markup charged at retail sites. It results in significant savings per gallon and helps control your fuel costs.


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