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How to Hire a Good Lawyer

Are you facing a lawsuit? Lawsuits can be scary and intimidating, and they’re only going to become more complicated as lawsuits over things such as pandemics, COVID-19 cases, or difficulties from the global shutdown become routine. If you need a good lawyer, you want to make sure your legal representative has your back. Read on …


A First-Time Offender’s Guide to Getting a DUI

Have you recently experienced your first DUI? Driving under the influence is the criminal offense of driving while intoxicated by liquor or drugs, leading to unsafe driving. As a first-time offender, getting a DUI can make you feel anxious and overwhelmed. Who wouldn’t when you can get your license suspended, pay an expensive fine, or serve …


7 Common Traffic Offenses in the US and How to Avoid a Conviction

Did you know that 42 million speeding fines are written each year in the United States? Most offenses go unnoticed by the police. These offenses can lead to long-term consequences, including jail time and license suspension. Traffic tickets can result in expensive traffic school courses, hefty fines, and missed work. There are ways to avoid a traffic …