Are you ready to take control of your financial life? Read here for a guide on how to pick the right personal finance app for you that you're sure to love.
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How to Choose the Right Personal Finance App for You

About 40% of Americans struggle financially. It’s getting even harder now that the economy is open after the pandemic. It seems like the cost of everything is shooting up. Home sales prices increased by double digits over the last year. Groceries cost more, rents are up in many areas, and paychecks haven’t kept up. If …

Do you feel like your investment portfolio has gotten a little stale? Here are the often understated benefits of investment diversification.
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The Undeniable Benefits of Investment Diversification

A smart investor spends years analyzing what the best stock investments are. They assess patterns and consult the best brokers, all for the sake of minimizing risk. You can generate significant wealth following this practice. However, the old adage warns against putting all of your eggs in one basket. As successful as your stock investments …