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Real Estate Relationships

Work Together to Solve Household Problems

When you and your partner become homeowners, there are a lot of new things to think about and problems to solve. You had no problem deciding on a custom front door, but now things can get a little more complicated.  Problem solving How can a couple solve problems that might come up when being new …


How to Overcome a Marriage Crisis

Marriage seems like a sure thing. You’re in love, you’ve had the wedding, and suddenly it doesn’t seem like the relationship will crash and burn like so many do. But many do have a divorce. Not everyone thinks it will happen to them. Emergency situations can arise in any marriage, and you need to know how …


How to Improve Communication in Your Marriage

Does your relationship with your partner need a push in the right direction? Marriages are wonderful, but they’re not perfect. After spending so much time together, it’s not uncommon to encounter communication breakdowns. Before things get too bad, you have to take action to save your relationship. There are plenty of ways to strengthen your …

Healthy Living Relationships

How to Plan Your Ultimate Dream Vacation

What do you see when you close your eyes and go to your happy place? Are there beautiful beaches that stretch to every inch of your view? Or maybe it’s the ever-lasting echoes of trees covering the whole ground ahead of you.  Whatever your dream vacation might be, it’s time to take the steps to …


A Guide to Planning a Fun Couples Game Night

Did you know that a couple laughs around 8 times a day on average? While laughter may be the best medicine, it can also strengthen a relationship and make you closer together. If you and your partner are looking for a new way to bond, consider running a fun couples game night. Games can bring laughter …


Is an Open Relationship Right for You?

Modern relationships are more complex and diverse than ever before. That includes things such as an open relationship. So what is an open relationship and is it right for you? There are a lot of successful open relationships out there but they do require you to be flexible, honest with each other, and have a …

Healthy Living Relationships

5 Benefits of Enhancing Your Sexual Experience

Women who have sex often experience fluid expulsion. It’s called squirting or female ejaculation. The fluid doesn’t come from the bladder but rather from the Skene glands, akin to the male prostate. Scientists still don’t know precisely why we ejaculate. But what they do know is that it’s beneficial for our health. Reduced Stress Unlike …


4 Sexy Vacation Ideas for Couples Looking for Fun

Are you ready to make memories and have some sizzling summer fun with your partner? It’s never been easier to get away from it all and spend some naughty quality time while enjoying a luxurious vacation. Whether you’re a traditional couple or a bit kinkier than a typical relationship, we’ve got the ideas to bring …