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Worthiness – how can we believe the world is worth saving if we don’t believe WE are worth saving?

Worthiness – how can we believe ANYTHING is worth working for, if we don’t believe we are worth working for?

Cognitive distortion,

self-sabotage of the most epic proportion

imagine what you could accomplish if you used the energy you spent cringing at your own reflection,

into inventing a magnifying glass that zeroed in on every naked inch of your marvel.

What if the ways you looked at yourself,

the ways you spoke to yourself,

the ways you harmed yourself,

the ways you hated yourself –

have become the poison apple you force fed to your children?

How would you feel if your daughter avoided eye contact with the masterpiece of her being,

the masterpiece you made with the Milky Way and cosmic brilliance in your own damn body,

that such art exists AND simply is, within every fibre of her because it IS her – and yet all she see is….

  • Too fat
  • Too ugly 
  • Too stupid 
  • No one will love me 
  • No one loves me 
  • I’m not good enough 
  • I don’t belong here 
  • I want to die 

You see, 

the words that fill her head 

are the words that have often filled yours –

but instead of dismantling those fears 

and that self deprecating expression,

you’ve passed on the kind of lessons that rob her life of joy and replaced it with depression.

Taking radical responsibility for the ways you love yourself, will mean liberating those you love too. If you want opportunity for the babies you brought into this world, give yourself the opportunities first. If you leave this world, make your legacy the one thing that must change within you before it changes everyone who comes after –

Love yourself fucking harder than you ever have. No excuses. From this day forward.

Show me how to love myself by modeling the kind of devotion to self I can be inspired by. You have my word I will do the same for you.

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