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Visibility For Visionaries™

What if I told you that every cure, every solution, every invention, every innovation and every paradigm shift desperately needed by the people, animals and ecosystem of this planet, was lost in the dying breath of the person who carried it to the grave in secret?


A hell of a claim, I know. So let’s start here…

For the last 5 years, I have used a variety of social media platforms. Some of you would find it hard to believe that before any of my work in visibility coaching and authentic social media use, I made every excuse not to show up online. It felt really fucking scary.

I much of my young adult life participating in the brand-new-world of mobile internet and flip phones. Ringing up astronomical data charges in these formative years of getting to know the mothership of technology actually sucked, instead of being exciting.

It felt linear, passive aggressive, sleazy and unsafe.

I kept attracting thousands of people’s attention, and then hitting the panic button when I could not maturely make sense of how to make this level of interaction work for me. I wanted to be vulnerable, enthusiastic and charming – this is what felt natural to me. But after being continuously disappointed with the boom of internet trolls and prying eyes, I chose to delete my biggest accounts and walk away.

As my career became more dynamic and my mission became clearer, it was obvious that strategic social media use was the next step.

When my best friend positively intervened with a few suggestions on grabbing trends by the bull horns, I resisted big time. And in hindsight, it is clear that I was projecting all of the same fears my students and workshop attendees regularly express to me.

Fear of being seen and fear of success.

Since then, I have truly made every effort to experiment with the ever-changing digital landscape of our lives. Initially mentoring a dozen birth professionals, and then moving on to working with thousands of people across the full spectrum of my offerings, what unfolded was a year of speaking events and training workshops I created intuitively, crafted specifically from my own experiences as both observer and participant.

While everyone around me focused on get-rich-quick launch formulas and robots that racked up your follower count with disingenuous tactics, I decided to focus on one thing as the basis for everything that came after.

‘Who the f*ck are you and why should anyone be paying attention to what you’re saying?’

This kick-in-the-teeth statement encompassed everything I had learnt about impressively effective personal branding, and how any plans to change the world must be accompanied by a fierce enthusiasm to not only be seen – but command the attention of your audience.

I have seized every learning opportunity that has presented itself to me on my ongoing quest to understand the mechanics of social media, so I could be expertly armed to disrupt the system at the core.

You can choose to waste hours, days and months of your life, on every new algorithm hack, launch formula and ad strategy on the planet…

You can choose to continue to believe that changing the world can happen in the confines of your attic to an audience of me, myself and I

You can choose to sit and complain about how social media isn’t working for you or won’t work for you so therefore doesn’t require your attention and time…

OR you can choose to see that never in history, have we been privileged with a platform to use our voice for both personal gain and common good, as we are today. Never in history have you been able to launch your own television show, write and publish your own book, record and release your own music, involve yourself in high level activism and advocacy, engage in heated debates and conversation without fear or being reprimanded, or boldly use your voice and aesthetic to build the business of your dreams. Never in history has space been available for us to have monumentally important conversations, and connect – in the safety of numbers, across nations of this world, collectively pushing forward change with the belief in the other.

The ways we purchase, sell, connect, live, laugh, love and earn money has been reinvented because of social media. Within this, there is a unique well of abundance waiting for the visionary bold enough to believe, that alongside the birth of every paradigm shift we’ve seen transpire in the last decade, lies the total upheaval + reconfiguration of the relationship we have with our pursuit of passion.

We are stepping into our purpose in ways never previously perceived as possible – all because of social media.  You can choose to fight the inevitable, demonise the internet, complain about algorithms and/or try every expensive shortcut, or, you can choose to lean in and have a ton of fun slaying social media – with ME.

In the roughly 657,000 minutes I have invested in getting to know the machine of social media use, you better believe that what I’ve found is nothing short of fascinating.

If you have a voice, you have the power to change your life AND change the world – but the one thing getting in the way, is your poor form in showing the f*ck up like you mean it.

This course is the product of the time I have taken to meticulously deconstruct my findings, as to help demystify the psychology behind the fears we have that hold us back, and how those precise fears interrupt every possible opportunity presented to us when bringing the essence of our purpose, gifts and talents to the world.

Have big blocks around being seen on the internet? Let me teach you how to conquer today’s digital landscape like a total boss.

Visibility for Visionaries is both a condensed online course delivered in video form, as well as a LIVE training event delivered in a variety of cities, to inspire even the most stubborn, overwhelmed and confused social media users how to slay the online arena in order to amplify their message, mission and magic.

You are a personal brand, business, charity or organisation who recognises the value in using social media, is fed up of not seeing results even though you are desperately applying every suggested hack from the suggested bag of tricks, and wants my hard-earned insight on how to embrace the thrilling underworld of what social media can do for you.


If you’re currently facing a crisis of confidence that’s got the boldest & bravest version of you playing small…

If you’re waiting for someone else to become the face of your vision so you can avoid the hard yards that come with dismantling every fear you have about having a voice and getting it heard…

If you have a business, a dream or ambitions that require a level of WOW in the places people now spend upwards of 9 hours of their day on…

If you’ve spent a lifetime people pleasing, feeling unworthy and/or living in the shadows…

If you’re ready to take up space in your body, your brain, your beauty and in the world…

If you’re eager to learn the compelling, thrilling and limitless potential of social media

If you’re ready to do the real work, talk the real talk and make real change with the unique magic of your brand, business, mission or cause…

If leadership and influence is precisely what you need to create the financial freedom and waves of impact your envisioning…

If you’re keen to learn how I monetised my personality, passion and expertise to turn my presence on Instagram into $$ and opportunity yielding power…

You’re going to want in on this.


> Challenge & reinvent your current relationship with social media

> Demystify the essence of a strong online presence

> Debunk myths and misconceptions about social media

> Get up close and personal with my recommended social media platforms

> Cultivate a required sense of confidence and belief in yourself

> Uncover the true root of your convictions

> Find the voice of your most courageously expressed self

> Learn how to captivate an audience and command attention from those you want the attention from

> Create killer content that speaks to consumer psychology and buyer behavior

> Find out what unique strategies I use to combat social media formulas & their limiting returns


Forget what you’ve heard – today’s the day you ditch your obsession with your follower count. Your number of likes will never validate the meaning of your vision.

Be seen, get heard and do it in freaking style in the company of other crusaders hell bent on changing the world!

Break the rules to make your best work.

Break the rules to break the internet.

Break the internet to change the world.

Enrolment into the online program is…

899$ if paid in full or 999$ if paid on a payment plan

Your investment gets you access to the program for life, and a series of video modules delivered over a few weeks. Not one person has implemented what I teach and not seen HUGE results – what are you waiting for?

Attendance for the in-person events is a seperate investment and will vary depending on the city & country you are participating in.

Your Investment for the in-person workshop includes access to the full 3 day event, as well as top shelf catering and beverage in a sexy AF location. These always sell out. Get details below!


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