Rachael Rose is sidekick extraordinaire and head at the table with me at Dynamo Doula HQ. With a spectacularly impressive history in million dollar fundraising and supporting the strengths of millionaire women in business, Rachael and I met when she trained with me in both Dynamo Doula and Visibility For Visionaries.  Since then she has taken the reigns of supporting students, closing sales, holding space for me while I cry and giving me a kick up the ass when I think too small. She is now a Doula in Wollongong, NSW while being front line for the vision I hold. If anything happens to me – I am leaving her in charge. Rach is a tour de force and I am just ridiculously lucky to have her…watch out world.


How do you credit the one creative person who has been there with you since the very beginning? Jacqui is a weapon. Reliable beyond comprehension. Patient beyond measure. Growing beside her has been an honour, and witnessing the blossoms of her creative genius has been a gift to be a part of. She creates all of the graphic designs for my multitude of offerings, she laughingly claims she has never worked with someone who moves as fast as I do. I won’t disagree. 😏


If Gabi can be described in a few words, it would be – GUCCI. This bish is head illustrator and is dripping in everything art. She is behind my oracle decks, several illustrations you will see floating around this site, the wallpaper collection AND some sexy as shit coming out so soon! She is good. She is so, so, so good. Take a peep at what she makes with her hands and the velvet lining the inside of her skull.

You know her as Erika from America. Or The Queen Of Confidence. But I know her as the twin flame Puerto Rican powerhouse of my dreams. Erika is a frequent speaker at my workshops, and I at hers. We collaborate frequently and you will come to see the many ways our vision was married over 1000 lifetimes. She is as obsessed in this revolution as I am, and that is simply something you will never understand until you are in her company. She is magnetic. She moves everything around her without even trying. And when she DOES try – you’re screwed because there is no turning back.




How lucky am I?


Rachelle Kober is an angel who manages the absolute tsunami of my email inbox while supporting me as Queen B in my entourage, making sure my circle is tight end to end. She dances along the lines of everything I do in work & play, making sure my lifestyle by design is as supported as the outlandish professional ambitions I have. She has worked so ridiculously hard at putting out fires and making me feel safe when all I wanted to do was run out of the door to find an island in the Bahamas I could escape texts & emails. She is an excellent email admin babe, but more than that, she cares about the work I am creating and this makes her absolutely priceless to my empire. 



Brianna Ansaldo is just a ridiculously talented, audible beast who is head honcho in all things podcast production for my series, ‘Slaying The Status Quo In Total Style’, as well as other series about to be born. She is superb in her efforts, clever and invested in what she does beyond what other podcast people do. She has brought a dream of mine to life and I am forever indebted.


I have seen Serina move from strength to strength, turning her sweet shy disposition into full blown sensual maestro creating monumental spaces for women to come undone on camera. Serina is head photographer in my world and this is because beyond being ridiculously talented, she just gets it. And by gets it, I mean – she KNOWS what’s at risk when the most brilliant women & womxn of this world forget how really ravishing they are. I am teaming up with her to reimagine mainstream sex, sensuality and intimacy with self – it is such an honour to see grow as a creative & mother. She is a punk rock boudoir photographer who captures the ethereal, deep, molten lava pouring from the womb. Keep an eye out for her work here!


Danielle….the sweetest savage Taurean you have ever come across. A doctor, shamanic healer, ass kicker, mother, curator of exceptional hearth energy, indigenous educator and the Mother to my rebirth. Dr Danielle Arabena is the catalyst to which I have welcomed home my magic…and since then…it hasn’t stopped. Margaritas, hot pretzels and mustard, trips to Disney world and long chats about Harry Potter – this woman is a fucking wild mare that will drag you by the hair & sweep you off your feet at the same time. You will see collaborating very frequently with me, enjoy!

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