Birth & parenthood do not need to be boring.

Birth & parenthood is meant to be both absolutely terrifying and incredibly exhilarating.

Let me help you turn that overwhelm, confusion and fear into turn on.

Did you know that MULTIPLE studies and reviews confirm that the large part of individuals participating in independently run or publicly funded childbirth education, are disappointed by their experiences? In particular, one theme carries across every single data sourcing endeavour. They did not feel remotely prepared for the ‘real world’ with the content that was provided. Why is that, you suppose? I will tell you why, because childbirth education as we know it is built as a model. That model is regurgitated over and over again. The definition of model is, ‘the simplification of reality, it is not reality’. The people at the receiving end of this simplification model of what birth and parenthood is like, are being set up to fail in huge way simply because no body is having realistic conversations. This is why I made sure that much like any of my work, this childbirth education program was punk-as-fuck and a ton of fun.

My prenatal, labour, birth, postpartum and postpartum course for expecting humans is FINALLY HERE after popular and persistent request. I make it available to the gen-pop who are about to


It takes everything I know and have ever written or taught about, and turns it into the most inspirational, sensational and down-to-earth childbirth education on the market.

If you’re looking for the ninja insider information and need something to not just teach you about anatomy and the biological imperatives of the physiological processes, but move you to excavate every bit of love & light buried inside you before the big day comes alongthis is it.

 It is currently available in English and will be translated to multiple languages in 2020. 

An online learning experience.

Buy once, have access for life.


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