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It’s late. 4:08 am to be precise. I spent the night with this guy. And I wanted to take a moment to let you into my brain before I drift off to visions of not just the tokenised rendition of a better future, but a world where humans know better, do better and ARE better.

You may not like what I have to say, but I will say it anyway. In the hopes that someone reads this and recognises themselves enough to sit long & hard in the critical analysis of their soul.

Social media is a tool beyond incomprehensible measure and I am a staunch ambassador for the total use of how it can do good VS indulgent in the ways it does bad. Social media is like money. Neither are inherently bad – they are neutral contenders and the perfect scapegoats. They are amplifiers of one’s true nature (warts & all). Meaning to say, give a person money and it will make them more of who they really are. Give a person social media, and it will amplify who they really are.

At any moment of any day, there are awful and devastating things happening around the world. And in a state of affairs that see two scenarios especially crushing to me (amazon fire eating alive the lungs & womb of the earth and sacred birthing trees belonging to aboriginal people en route to being demolished for the construction of a highway that would save THREE MINUTES for drivers), it’s nauseating to see how social media amplifies the cowardice, the facade, the playing pretend and the non-action of people who literally don’t care about anything because they’ve never been taught to love themselves.

Let me explain to you – governments, gazillionaire companies and leeches in suits that stink like the patriarchy & capitalism – they DO NOT CARE about wisdom or the wise or the wisdom keepers or the womb of the world or culture that was destroyed to build kingdoms. They don’t care. They are not interested in having their minds changed. And they aren’t looking at your low grade digital actions to change their minds either. You know what changes things? A lot of really really angry people who are awake and refuse to accept ANYTHING that hurts or harms another person, animal, creature etc. because…

because they recognise the only hope for a future that is fulfilled and free of fear, is the safety and complete inclusion of every single breathing and being thing here. We’re talking a radically supercharged, ALIVE, caliber of people who put their money where they mouth is and give changing the world a real go. They care about themselves and they care about everyone else too. What they do when no one is watching shows as much integrity as what they do when everyone is watching.

Let me ask…how do you explain the protection of indigenous people and land and culture, the sacred nature of life for these people, the tradition and medicine of our aboriginal and indigenous people : if we have severed the connection to our own ancestry, wisdom, storytelling, kinship, connection to ourselves? How do you expect your dietary changes or buying of reusable plastics or all the other greenwashing you do to launder the dirt from your soul, to change the FREQUENCY and VIBRATION of humanity?


The consumption. The corruption. The massacre on any life that gets in the way of our desire to say ‘MONOPOLY!’. All of this is literally a byproduct of how disassociated we are from what makes us human. You can’t act human or feel human if you’re acting like a robot who serves themselves, who perpetuates their behaviours and patterns, who wants to feel like a good person but doesn’t wanna have to do any of the work to be a good person?

Social media shows me, in moment like these, how far removed we are from seeing things for what they are. Every day women, birthing people, their bodies and babies are treated like meat suits on a conveyor belt. Our wombs, necessary to sustain the survival of humanity, bludgeoned to a pulp, pathologists, processed and sold back to us with the fertility and maternal health industries.

Every day, we see the rife, disturbing and consequential onslaught of the colonisation and destruction of birthing bodies (especially of culture and colour).

How the fuck do you tell the world to care about Mother Earth when they don’t care about their mothers? How the fuck do you tell the world to stop participating in the destruction of Mother Earth, when the mothers we don’t care about raise children who murder them and no one blinks an eye to support or fury?

How do you tell the world to care about tradition and wisdom and the wise holding this, if we tell little children that the wisdom, knowledge, stature and roots present within their own bodies and bleed MEAN nothing – when we make them feel like fleas instead of trees.

How do we teach people about the lungs and womb of this planet, when the tobacco and maternal health industries are obliterating the lungs and uterus of people?

You cannot make people care about things they do not care about in themselves. Until you connect and know yourself and fight for your own freedom and joy, your tokenisation of take action buttons trending on twitter serve only to stroke the limp dick of this populations moral compass – we perpetuate the problem by not doing the work within ourselves first.

‘Your goals are a place to come from, not run to.’ If we can’t be the manifested solution WITHIN OURSELVES, we are chasing a pair of shoes we will never fit into.

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