My Books + Audio

The Doula of You - PDF + Softcover

I wrote this because I wanted something inspirational and womb-moving for Doulas, expectant parents and/or current care providers to read, that would accurately hold the vision and voice I have for this work. I know deep within my soul that as I create a legacy that speaks to the last of true human experiences to live, my philosophies on dancing with the fears of childbirth & parenthood in order to access our most powerful self has to be shared with the world.

The Masks We Wear - Audio + PDF + Softcover

No words can describe what level of synchronicity, serendipity, heart ache and revelation has went into the writing of this book. It is – by far – the most profound, impressive and invested body of work I have ever applied myself to. It is a cataclysmic call to action, the heartbreaking echo of every way our self-created constructs cuckhold us, the warm affection from the mother you never had, the affirmation and validation you have been desperately craving, the stark reminder of what is at stake if you don’t commit to change, and the boisterous push you need to step into the boldest, bravest and most liberated version of yourself yet.

Coming Undone by The Licks of A Dragons Tongue - Audio + PDF

My first written works of poetry, ‘Coming Undone With The Licks Of A Dragon’s Tongue.’ comes available for purchase as a digital bundle that includes the downloadable book PLUS ASMR audio recording of me speaking every last drop of erotica – to you, as if no one else in the world exists but us.