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My first book, ‘The Masks We Wear: the obliteration of martyrdom, misogyny & motherhood as you know it.’ is available as a hard copy, available for pre-order HERE.

As a delicious thank you, the first 100 copies ordered will be signed, kissed and include a hand written letter from me!

No words can describe what level of synchronicity, serendipity, heart ache and revelation has went into the writing of this book. It is – by far – the most profound, impressive and invested body of work I have ever applied myself to. It is a cataclysmic call to action, the heartbreaking echo of every way our self-created constructs cuckhold us,  the warm affection from the mother you never had, the affirmation and validation you have been desperately craving, the stark reminder of what is at stake if you don’t commit to change, and the boisterous push you need to step into the boldest, bravest and most liberated version of yourself yet.

February 1-6, 2020

Bali, Indonesia

Your R-Rated Rebirth Awaits.

No mobile phones, cameras, babies or children are allowed at any stage during the course of this retreat – this metamorphosis requires your full attention.

This is a 6 day retreat that can only be described as a ruthlessly orchestrated rebirth at the hands of a midwife literate in the language of phoenix. Come to find your voice and reinvent what self-reverence means to you. Reclaim your laugh, anger, joy,  grief, magic and movement – Radical Resurgence is a coming home to the version of you that is currently drifting in the cosmos, begging to be brought back into the intergalactic highway of your soul. 

If you are dead set serious about remembering what it means to LIVE like you meant it – this is the place to get your hands dirty in the safest and most mind-blowing ways ever.

And on top of it, we are going to have a ridiculous time. Seeing Bali, taking part in local rituals, learning to cook, finding ourselves in rice paddies and sunsets on beaches….what are your waiting for?

STRICT maximum capacity of 20 attendees – do not wait, you will miss out. These tickets are being released in waves to inspire a call to action for those requiring greater affordability.

Ticket investment includes attendance of the whole event, double occupancy accomodation, daily breakfast + lunch+ snacks, and all scheduled activities and exercises. Your ticket does NOT include flights. It is your responsibility to plan for travel requirements to Indonesia, as this may differ depending where you are flying in from.

The first round of tickets sold out with 72 hours.

The last tickets are available below…

Your investment is 3999$ – in one lump sum for sale HERE, and the payment plan option available HERE

I am going to teach you EVERYTHING you need to know (that your body & soul KNOWS but requires a spicy-sweet kick jolt to be reminded of) in order for you to access the most PROFOUND magic buried deep within you (and all of us). With the company of some world class facilitators fuelled by the same mission as me, you will be guided to make love to every damn part of you – no exceptions. Your bleed, your ecstasy, your body, your insides, your anger, your grief, your glory….all of it.