Doula Services Angela Gallo

It’s with total joy and commitment I offer my work as Doula to families in Melbourne and on the Mornington Peninsula!

I am so pleased you are here. Whether you are looking for someone who can deliver on emotionally charged imagery or support you during one of the most wild adventures of your life, I have got a list of a-la-carte services that will have you jumping out of your seat for all the best oxytocin drenched vibrations.

I pride myself on bringing a unique level of cohesion and intimate connection to which ever birth space I have the privilege of being a part of. This work is of utmost importance to me and it would bring me such happiness to share that with you.

My professionalism and sincere dedication to this line of work has garnered me mentions across dozens of media publications, including this great piece I was lucky to be a part of on Mamamia’s Hello Bump where we chat extensively about what a Doula atually is and what a Doula does.

I also train Doulas under my flagship Dynamo Doula Training™ and also educate other birth professionals on how to grow and scale their businesses. I have spent the better part of these last two years on educational outreach and inspiring Doulas around the globe.

At the moment I am based in Frankston South and travel all across Melbourne and the peninsula to attend births of every kind. To my clients I give everything and for this reason I work with select individuals. I tend to attract a very specific demographic – excitable, strong, decisive, clever, kind, warm, educated, respectful of the birth process and dedicated to playing an active part in their respective birth journeys.

You’ve got the power, darling. Whatever you need….you’ve already got it in you. But the devil is in the details, so for everything else; you’ve got me. If allowed the honor, I will happily be your birth bestie and Doula fairy godmother extraordinaire.

As your Doula, I am not here to save you. I help you to harness the energy, fire and powers already brewing within you; allowing the brightest parts of you to shine and take center stage.

I exist to educate you.
I exist to motivate you.
I exist to keep you accountable.
I exist to keep you engaged in your birth and postpartum journey.

My vision is to inspire the people I work with to approach their individual experiences wholeheartedly & enthusiastically, with the aim of making way for optimal outcomes & experiences following the birth of their babies.

If you engage me to be your Doula, you can expect us to spend extensive time together in pregnancy; getting to know one another, chatting and working through any concerns, fears or anxieties you or your partner may have. I help you find a care model and care provider who is aligned to your values and supportive of your wishes, plus help put the building blocks in motion to create a birth that feels fulfilling to you. 

We also work on your birth preferences, explore the powers of positive mindset, as well as encourage your fierce and instinctual mama to come out & play. Even more so, you can expect us to do lots of laughing as we enjoy the beautiful ride from maiden to motherhood.

Regardless of what kind of birth you choose to plan for or what environment it takes place in, as your Doula, you have my unequivocal support with whatever decision you make.

I well and truly live this line of work. In fact, you could very easily say that I live the way I birth: with love, laughter, compassion, adventure, persistence and spontaneity.

As your Doula, I believe childbirth is to be enjoyed and embraced at every level.

I believe that the major transformative potential of childbirth should not be ignored or underestimated.

I believe that women are strong; real strong. And I am kinda addicted to watching the moment they realize it for themselves.

I believe, with every fibre of my being, that with abundant love, support and gentle guidance, every woman or person has an opportunity to birth in their own perfect way.

If you’re ready to take the next step and want to find out more, you can download my packages guide by clicking below.