Gregarious, spontaneous and magnetic – Angela Gallo has made her life’s work the total and unbridled embodiment of self-expression and commitment to the cause.

An excitable person in whom feelings are much stronger than reason, Angela has spent the better part of her life seeking out experiences that are nothing less than marvellous.

Philanthropist, pleasure seeker, a propeller of passion projects and creator of life – these are only a few ways to describe her.

Whether rescuing stray dogs in South East Asia, being an ambassador for suicide prevention, or using her Instagram to push forward a much needed maternal healthcare reform; with Angela, social justice and impact remain the core of everything she is and everything she does.

In 2010, she accidentally landed in Australia’s lap after some time living in Thailand. From here, things happened quickly with a whirlwind romance and surprise pregnancy. Under the impression she couldn’t get pregnant (hello Dengue Fever and birth control!) Angela decided to seize the experience wholeheartedly despite having no f*cking idea what she was doing. It was in her hours of Googling ‘help with birth’ she came across the word Doula and this is where her story kicks off…

With an awesome Doula and Birth Photographer by her side, she went on to rock a 45 hour labour, that albeit really challenging, gave her the perspective and obsession with childbirth & womanhood she carried into the career she has today.

Angela has spent the last 5 years leaning into the epic journey of motherhood, marriage, entrepreneurship, heartbreak, witnessing the birth of many babies and the rebirth of many women, as well as too many trials and triumphs to count. The result? A reclamation of her personal powers that’s led to more pleasure, more fulfilment and more vision that she could have ever imagined.

As a practicing Doula, Birth Photographer, Business & Visibility coach, Angela can be found in Melbourne and reached by contacting her here, or if you’re looking to hire her for doula and/or birth photography click here.