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For all the things that matter in this world, there never exists enough proof to satiate the cynic. The boisterous ego, overwhelmed with not knowing anything at all,  desperately clings to a life of hyper-intellectualising in a bid to make sense of everything. Years, decades, centuries spent chasing truths solely to reach a destination where you can say ‘I conquered this unknowing and made it known.’

It is worth saying, that even when that ‘sense’ is man made, it cannot claim to come from an otherworldly source, so arrogance takes the stage and perpetuates the ego, to keep moving with agenda. Our brains are incredible, but they could never understand otherworldly concepts – let alone debunk them. They are very very good at proving themselves right, though.

Make no mistake – man has made an art out of conquering & claiming by use of violence, assault, arrogance and evil. What he does not understand, what he does not respect, what he cannot use, what he cannot control – he destroys by one medium or another. This extends to every part of what you see in our world. But we resist, and the calling you have felt to participate in this work is actually why you are here.

The training programs, books and material I have created are a reclamation of what was taken from us.

Everything about the processes you have come to learn from me or will learn from me here, are otherworldly.  To understand this, you need to explore what I say next.

Most of what happens within our blood and bones, is the product of inner-woven mystery + intergalactic highway travel, of which could never totally be explained or rationalised by people in space suits.

Our marvel isn’t meant to be conquered and the moon was never man’s to begin with.

You can watch the sun, moon, the stars, the planets, every galaxy available for us to stalk, intently, with the most sophisticated telescopic lens known to man kind, but this will never bring you closer to being the sun, the moon, or the stars, or the planets. So instead of saying, ‘How beautiful, how majestic. I do not understand, I will never understand. This complexity takes me to my knees and I admire it. I protect it, I do not prod incessantly until I feel like I understand.’, we refer to galactic masterpieces as ‘uninhabitable’, ‘too cold’, ‘too hot’, ‘too big’, ‘too small’.

You and I have a lot in common with the stars.

Every woman, womxn, queer, trans or non-binary person walking this planet right now is the total blazing embodiment of their own unique milky way.

She and they ARE the Milky Way.

Holding the entire solar system of humankind, etched deeply within her genes. I want to challenge you with this first, what do you know of the Milky Way?

To the naked eye, it looks as though ‘nothing more but a hazy band of light strung together from stars. – stunning, its complexity entirely underestimated. You should know, darlings, that the Milky Way is a barred spiral galaxy, about 100,000 light years across. If you could see it from the eyes of heaven, you would see that it is one central bulge (the womb) surrounded by four spiral arms that wrap around it (that of the mother and the womxn that hold her).

The Milky Way does not sit still, much like me and you – she is constantly moving, rotating, changing position to upholster the tragedy, beauty, sadness, death and life that she carries. And get this, the Milky Way is surrounded by an enormous halo of hot gas that extends thousands light years – as massive as all the stars in the Milky Way combined – an angel in an aura of disguise. The spiral, known historically as the divine feminine shape, representative of our weaving and way of moving – the arms of the Milky Way.

In 1969, we put a man on the moon.

In 1982, we invented the Internet.

In the 1950s, ‘hysteria’ was finally declassified as a medical condition or disorder.

In 1998, we finally explored and discovered the full anatomy of the clitoris.

It’s 2019, despite adult entertainment being the highest grossing and longest existing industry of all time, sex workers are still stigmatised, unsafe and criminalised – while the audience gets off with a…well, they get off.

Did you know that hysteria (literally translates to ‘uterus’)  was something Hippocrates created as a label for ‘the woman with the wandering womb’, because apparently all women are born with ‘cold physiology that needs warming’. 🤮

In the 1600s, it was considered one of the most prevalent medical issues of the time with a physician named Thomas Syndenham quoted saying, ‘there are hysterical women everywhere!’. What we know as Hysteria, was “irregular motions of the animal spirits,”  the second most common malady of the time—behind another ambiguous sweeping term, ‘fevers’.

Doctors used hysteria as a go-to for EVERYTHING they couldn’t ‘explain’ (even epileptic seizures). The cure for ‘crazy women?’ Clitoral stimulation, and if that didn’t work – institutionalize them.

Glamour Mag did a piece that elaborates, “In 1653, the physician Alemarianus Petrus Forestus published a medical compendium titled Observationem et Curationem Medicinalium ac Chirurgicarum Opera Omnia, in which Forestus devotes a full chapter to the diseases of women. Specifically, he noted that with regard to treatment of hysteria, many male doctors “sought every opportunity to substitute other devices for their fingers, such as the attentions of a husband, the hands of a midwife, or the business end of some tireless and impersonal mechanism.”


So hysteria and hysterical women led to the invention of the vibrator (I’m not even kidding you) because it was too tiring using their hands or finding someone to do it.

If you climaxed, you were deemed ‘cured’.

So when you ask me WHY I am so flabbergasted and passionate about what I say and do, it’s because of this. Our pleasure, our safety, our joy…

IT IS AN AFTER-THOUGHT – and that just isn’t fucking good enough for me.

How fitting that the Milky Way be a series of spiral arms, dancing an embrace of constant decay, death, rebirth and blossom – emotionally and energetically traffic controlling – in the exact same ways you and I move through this world, too.

Believe me when I say that this aura, that magnetic field, that strength, malleability, conviction and splendour of the woman is just as majestic, intriguing, frightening and misunderstood; the stories and power we carry in the tapestry of our beings have been pillaged by presumption and perversion.

Our obsession with looking at space for signs of life and intelligence, of creating artificial intelligence in hi-tech robots, of searching for life in the deepest of oceans, in developing utopic retreats and colonising other planets, has come at the cost of sterilising the universe, sterilising women, sterilising the world we know it from the womb in which it was propagated (in both cosmic and physical form).

We’ve made a dystopia of birth & death – how the Doulas and army of radical babes I mentor to reinvent this paradigm, is HUGE.

The word sterilisation literally refers to any process that eliminates, removes, kills, or deactivates all forms of life – look at the cruel irony in all of this. Hand sanitisers, contraceptions, the obliteration of our fertility, the blanket of safety in surgery, the annihilation in the ways we include or exclude emotional context in the decision making process that involves our bodies, our children, this world – THE WHOLE FUCKING MILKY WAY – you’ve lumped them all into one word and one category – STERILISATION.

The masculine linear tsnunami rolling in, to plant its flag in our pussies, our lovers, our bodies, our babies, our love, our vigour, our laughter, our joy, our orgasms, our power, our softness, each dark + unknown + uncharted inch of territory in YOU – my world – THIS WORLD – your world; it is not one to be conquered, paraded on, shown off. It is meant to be revered, respected, kept safe, worshipped – we are meant to be in awe…, what went wrong?

And what does this have to do with you?

Irregardless of whether you recognise this in yourself or not, the most supreme form of intelligence resides in the Milk Way of woman, womxn and/or those with uteri.

Irregardless of how you identify or present, the womb is the central bulge that carries, propels, fuels, anchors it all.

Does the current maternal health care system support such intricacies? Does the restrictive and linear nature of policies, protocols, insurance limitations, fear of litigation, ego, arrogance and the misogynistic rage of the patriarchy support the Milky Way of woman?

No. It really fucking does not.

With love, passion and reason,


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