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Becoming a mother is not just the birth, adoption or care of child – it is the obliteration of everything you know.

I created this mini course specifically for those seeking poetic, political, inspirational and ruthlessly honest perspectives that will help them to reframe this experience in its entirety.

There is a resilient, brilliant person waiting on the other side of this grief and confusion – they just so happen to be the fully expressed version of your potential.

Consider this the ashtray as you’re set up in flames – consider me the midwife to the rebirth of phoenix who can only exist once you mourn and let go of what you’re holding onto.

This specific online learning experience is a series of videos, written content and audio that reads like an intimate diary bringing you face to face with your shadows and light.

You are more than a mother…I will help you discover that truth for yourself.

Access to this program starts October 1st. Pre-sale is available at 599$ instead of 799$ after launch. Save yourself two hundred bucks by joining today and give yourself a few months to get ready for what’s to come….

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