If you are trading cryptocurrencies regularly, then these tips and tricks will help lower and reduce your crypto transaction costs.
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How to Reduce Your Crypto Transaction Costs That You See

Did you know that you can make money online by investing in fine art? In order to do this, you’ll buy a share of a painting. This is similar to buying a share of a stock. 

When searching for ways to make money online, you might come across cryptocurrency. While cryptocurrency might seem great, the truth is that there are crypto transaction costs.

This article will take a look at how to reduce these crypto transaction costs. Read on to learn how to save money and ensure that you’re making and saving the most amount of money that you can. 

Why Is Cryptocurrency Becoming Popular?

Many feel that cryptocurrency is the way to go because they think it’s the answer to the problems generated by centralized financial institutions. Today, it also allows many different people to invest who can’t get into stocks or other assets. Crypto is volatile but exciting with values that change daily, or even within minutes. 

The Different Types of Cryptocurrency Fees

There are different types of cryptocurrencies and you can see more here about litecoin price cad. When you’re day trading, certain exchanges will require you to pay a fee when you receive or send money with their platforms. 

This fee is known as a deposit or funding fee. It sends funds from your account to an external wallet. This wallet is known as a withdrawal fee. 

Fees can either be a percentage or flat fee. Different fees can occur depending on what you use to withdraw or deposit the money.

Debit and credit cards are the most expensive to use. The lowest option in order to reduce fees is to have a bank transfer. When you go through a bank it’s sometimes free. 

Trading Fees

There are trading fees as well. If you’re trading crypto often then this amount can add up fast. When you have a new order, it’ll increase its liquidity. 

Network Fees

Since cryptocurrency isn’t controlled by a regulatory party, it’s on computers and networks around the world. Since the transactions are recorded, there are network fees. 

Exchange Fees

Fees are part of a transaction in order to have financial momentum go through it. This means fees on loans, deposits, liquidations, withdrawals, and trading. 


Some companies will state that they don’t have fees, but they make money by charging premiums. They’ll buy the cryptocurrency for a certain amount and then sell it for more.

It’s important to check out the premiums of a platform before you move forward with them. In order to find an accurate amount, you’ll want to check the exchanges. 

Ether Transaction Fees

Ether transaction fees are high right now due to the popularity of this cryptocurrency. It was supposed to have reduced transaction fees now. Due to the high demand, there isn’t a way to reduce the transaction fees that come from inflation. 

Fees Will Be Around

Many are wondering how to get around the fees. Right now the fees are higher than ever, but unfortunately, they’ll be around for the foreseeable future. 

It’s believed that the extra fees will actually increase the number of miners joining up. The higher fees might also have people use the Lightning Network. It has seen some increases recently. 

While some believe that the fees will keep climbing, others believe that’ll adjust over time. After they adjust though they’re expected to rise again. 

Bitcoin Rises

Chinese miner outages have slowed block production which is causing Bitcoin’s transaction fees to increase. The block production slowing down is at a terrible time since there’s an intense demand for more block space. 

Many coal regions for mining farms in China are now offline. This is due to numerous accidents that keep occurring. Bitcoin’s hash rate has fallen due to this. 

Due to this, blocks are coming in at a scattered and slower pace. This means that blocks take an hour or longer to be mined. 

Bitcoin has the ability to adjust its difficulty a certain amount for each retargeting period. The amount it can adjust is lower than it needs to be in order to correct the hash rate. 

How to Decrease Fees

First, use coins as your cryptocurrency source. This is because government-backed currencies give you fees for your deposits and withdrawals. If you use coins, they can often be free to trade. 

Pay close attention to the amount of transactions. There may or may not be a flat fee applied. Keep in mind that the larger your transaction is, the higher the fee will be. 

Consider using an exchange that has commission-free trading. There are different cryptocurrency exchanges where you can avoid these, but some platforms do have trading fees. 

Use promotions whenever possible in order to reduce the effect of cryptocurrency fees. This will decrease the number of fees in your portfolio. 

Reducing Bitcoin Fees

Take a look at the fee structure instead of only the price. See if there are exchange or trade fees. See if there’s a premium you’ll need to pay as well. 

Exploring How To Reduce Crypto Transaction Costs

Now that you’ve explored this guide on how to reduce crypto transaction costs, you should be able to avoid certain fees. Take your time planning out what platform you’ll use and what the fees are to use them.

Would you like to read more how-tos with informative content? We can help! Check out our other articles today for up-to-date and helpful content. 


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