Life After Motherhood/Parenthood

Life After Motherhood/Parenthood

No one warns you about the ambivalence of motherhood and parenthood.

You give birth, welcome a baby or child into your life and are turned into a russian doll, living in parts slotting into other parts for the amusement and use of everyone else around you – thrust into a world that requires you to put yourself last just so you can make it through the day and night. Amidst it all, grieving the person you were and life you had, all the while loving or hating the job you didn’t read any description of before you got hired. I know the feeling. But what I also know is that it isn’t supposed to be this f*cked up because we aren’t supposed to be this underwhelmingly supported and so ill equipped.

The system fails us, sets us up to fail, and calls us crazy when we are left to figure it all out on our own. Through this all, there remains a unique opportunity to meet a version of you that you didn’t think possible. Through this all, there remains a unique opportunity to create bonds with your children and partners that embody resilience and love that traditional textbooks couldn’t describe. Join me for a day of mourning, laughing, being heard and feeling seen amongst a group of people just like you – and just like me.

I will share what I have learnt and how I know for sure…we can either choose between parenthood being a powerful legacy or parenthood being both our own and our children’s demise. You choose.

Confronting Scale: 🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶

‘Yesterday I met a woman who cracked me open and I’m so grateful. I wrote this for you Angel.
You introduced me to a window, a window I have never paid much attention to, a window where you have been studying the scenery and you have seeped the structures of nature into your bones,
You pulled the ocean from my soul as I let it flow out of me, grieving love that I realised I can never capture.
Thank you for taking me there, my heart needed to see this. My body was craving this.
My heart has now returned to the rhythm of the clouds that drifted ever so slowly passed me today. I rested on Mother Earth as she held me and fed me her loving and supportive energy. I am safe yet I am free.
I am done with playing the victim and finding ways to fix myself. I am perfectly imperfect and all I need is to flow, to feel, to play, to dance, to play in this divinely beautiful game, to laugh, to cry, to sing, to share, to listen, to show up, to be unapologetically me, to love, to take up space, to create, to respond, to plug into people worthy of my existence and to send love to ones who don’t, to hold space, to have fun, to feel pleasure, to lean into joy, to confront accordingly, to look and to be guided to whatever I need to see. To lean into my created fears, to test and have fun with this very moment. To release conditioning and programming from my never ending existence. I shape these moments.
Thank you for your lifetimes, your struggles, your energy, your words and your love; you have created freedom within me. I am coming home to me.’

@the_angela_gallo thanks for the real talk. The kick up the ass. The show up and shake it up. I knew I would get something like that in this course with you and Boy howdy did I. You’re up there on my list of rad as fuck women that I’ve had the absolute pleasure of getting a glimpse of where I’m headed and I’m fucking into it. Buckle in mothertrucker, shit just got real… again.’

‘So grateful to have met @the_angela_gallo last week, and to have spent today listening to her speak in the topic of FEAR.
Not only is she gorgeous, inside and out, but her energy is contagious and her fearless expression of self is beyond inspiring.
It’s time to stop playing it safe. It’s time to start taking up space, showing up and being SEEN. It’s time to get clear on EXACTLY what success looks like and start calling it ALL in. It’s time to break up with our own bullshit and get everything we deserve and more.
It’s time to stop letting fear steal our light & start shining all over the damn place!’

‘When people can see through your bullshit.
I came up with all the right answers in my head. “Yup I’ll say this. I sound smart when I say that. I’ll be funny if I say that. I’ll sound important when I share this”
As the sharing started (which I was not prepared for) it finally came to. I had to make a choice. Do I bullshit my self and say all the rights things or just speak from my heart.
I poured my heart out yesterday and the words that came out of me, came out with ease. No judgement. No bullshit. Anything I said was pulled apart (hello mother story came up). Everything I wanted to hide came up.
This is how I feel when I sit in front of women to teach or hold space for in circle. I hope that each woman can see me and know that I’m on this ride with you. I’m doing the work as well just like they are. I’m falling apart just like they are. I’m not perfect. Just like you. I’m also going to say fuck you to everything that no longer serves me just like we ALL can.
If you ever get the chance to sit with @the_angela_gallo please do. It’s like 6months of therapy in 1 day (with love and kindness and dick jokes). You will be pulled apart so lovingly and the power houses of other women will inspire you. Plus she fancy and serves pineapple lumps and sparkling water.’


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  Billionaire Babes Club, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
}  October 05, 2019
  Saturday, 10:00 to 16:00

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   Angel Pheonix

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