Angela Gallo’s Radical Resurgence 

Radical Resurgence is a lush retreat I am hosting in Bali this year. I designed this event with the very thread of my own rebirth after having children, and with the same intent I carry into my pussy power themed postpartum work.

Whisking you to a most exotic location for a well deserved breakaway, and holding safe space for you to breakdown, in order for you step into the magic of your own individual breakthrough – the kind that requires deep excavation – the kind that your mind, heart, body and soul have been pleading you to pay attention to.

Passion, tears, laughter, food, sunshine, connection, inspiration and indulgence – a feast of the senses where you are being commanded to be nothing else but just the rawest version of yourself  that you have ever been.

A unique remembrance of self-worth and the ultimate reclamation of personal power.

We will spend a week exploring pleasure and play, having the hard conversations that captivate the fire in your belly, and cracking into all things cultivating confidence to slay the day (every damn day, for the rest of your life), building a booming business on the backbone of embodied belief, turning your bedroom into a dance floor where your saucy sensuality takes the stage, and lastly – leaning into a liberated existence where you are given total permission to be more than a mother.

Birth Without Fear Conference 2019

I am delighted to announce that I will be key note speaking at several of The Australian Birth Without Fear Conferences alongside the marvellous January Harshe!

This will be an intimate day of inspiration, support, and validation the likes of which January Harshe and Birth Without Fear have become known for. Honest, exciting and liberating conversation that will leave with a riling sense of empowerment you can take with you to tackle pregnancy, birth, motherhood and LIFE.

Come for the love, connection and solidarity as we curse, laugh and cry our way through a day together!