Doors to my online Dynamo Doula™ Training Program are opening in…

I would be lying to you if I didn’t tell you that this would be the most soul consuming endeavour of your life…but all things this challenging, are as intensely rewarding. So this is exactly where I have placed my effort…

…developing a curriculum where at the core, I Doula you through your own evolutionary cycle and rebirth, in order for you to earn your stripes at the reigns of sherpa guiding women & people through major catalyst moments in their own life.

This is not just a birth & postpartum Doula training – it is gatekeeping the divinity expressed in each and every single of you, through the shadows to the light, through the fight to the life, through to fear to the fruit, in a way that is unequivocally supportive, whole-hearted and free of agenda that traditional parameters or timelines placed on people, in the sport of ‘productivity’.

An out of this world push-you-to-the-limits combination of personal & professional development; an interactive explosion of science, soul and common sense; inspiring and motivating conversation that knows no bounds; bold call to actions on all things put your money where your mouth is activism in the birth world; a community of radical + ambitious babes; 40+ Modules, 100+ submodules, 30+ Masterclasses, 6 months access to Evidence Based Birth and over 20 hand picked downloadable bonuses that will have you doing the happy dance in your kitchen. FOMO sucks, so believe me when I say you will want to enrol into the next semester of my Dynamo Doula Training Program!

This in-person training can be described + divided into a few parts….

  • Exploration of what a Doula is and what the Doula does as gatekeeper of thresholds and frontline of the (inner and out of body rebellion)
  • Modeling what the Doula is by being the Doula to you, for the duration of this training
  • Deep self-excavation that earns the rite of soul-role as Doula, and not just a piece of paper that claims it as ‘certified’
  • Rebirthing yourself (creating the necessary inner & external landscape before being able to truly hold space & the hands of those traveling major catalyst moments)
  • Bleed, creation, gestation, birth, postpartum, maternal health, medical context and systems responsible for current culture, language + lens to understand navigate it all, child rearing, identity-death, relationship & dynamic shifts, mother/parenthood + maga + crone – each of these discovered in the Hawke eye of the Dynamo Doula
  • Holding vision, meaning to your body of work, activism & advocacy
  • Integral business strategy, uniquely acquired, tested + true – delivered to you, by ME
  • Vast amounts of inspiration and insight that leaves you no other choice but to be moved to brilliant new heights and the best version of you

10 days of boutique Doula Training training in a luxe location, exceptional food & drink catered daily, 6 months access to Evidence Based Birth Higher Ed, a Doula bag complete with my favourite hacks, a ton of gifts plus a certificate of completion to get you on your way to this fulfilling new career – all yours as included in this investment.