The Doula training of yours dreams has landed this side of your pillow!!! Come as a birth nerd, leave a #wombwarrior.

Angela Gallo’s Dynamo Doula™ Online Training Program


Angela Gallo’s Dynamo Doula Training Program™ – modern, edgy, revolutionary – a cutting edge birth + postpartum Doula certification course designed exclusively for vibrant visionaries ripe with passion and personality. This is not your paint-by-numbers, mom & pop, sugar coated, hip-squeezing Doula certification program. If you are dead set serious about improving culture, outcomes and experiences across every resounding inch of birth & parenthood around the world, all the while changing your own life by stepping into the bravest expression of your full potential – I want to work with you.

Curious and don’t have time to read the entirety of this page? Get a look at the whole course curriculum here.

I don’t teach regular Doula training.
And I never will.
Nothing about what I believe in, or love, or do, or practice, or teach – is one dimensional.

I am not interested in imparting wisdom on hip squeezes and stages of labour because this information is not what is going to change birth culture, nor will it be the kind of vanilla diatribe that is going to impact outcomes & experiences for birthing people worldwide. While it makes me sad that many believe cheap-and-cheerful, quick and easy Doula organisations are all one in the same, it is a massive turn on to be challenged to create something different.

An out of this world push-you-to-the-limits combination of personal & professional development; an interactive explosion of science, soul and common sense; inspiring and motivating conversation that knows no bounds; bold call to actions on all things put your money where your mouth is activism in the birth world; a community of radical + ambitious babes; 40+ Modules, 100+ submodules, 30+ Masterclasses, 6 months access to Evidence Based Birth and over 20 hand picked downloadable bonuses that will have you doing the happy dance in your kitchen.

I have put everything into this program and it really fucking shows.

This training is a  fucking rebirth in all things what it means to be a birth + postpartum Doula, a womxn, a person, a lover, an entrepreneur, a professional, a game-changer, a trailblazer and a move-maker.

Are you ready to marry oxytocin-laced personal development,  savvy business babe sense and revolutionary rocket fuel, in a way that makes your womb jingle & pussy tingle?  

There are a number of enrolment options below, choose between lump sum or payment plan.

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Angela Gallo’s Dynamo Doula™ In-Person Training Program

If you are a birth nerd and/or mama bear extraordinaire and/or a complete sucker for everything Doula work & running a bodacious business – this ten day training will rock your socks off.

A no-fuckery-learn-all-the-things-and-be-completely-blown-away kind of Doula Training, unique designed and delivered by me.

You now officially have no reason not to attend one of these mind blowing training sessions – an extended payment plan that keeps my cashflow limited but opens up the possibility of your attendance by ten fold, has just been added to the mix.

To top it off, all online and in-person Dynamo Doula students get excessive access to student only events around Australia and the world!

Your investment includes the entire 10 days of training with me, massive guest appearances and an out-of-control learning experience executed in total style, full vegan & GF catering every day, one dinner & margarita night for an-off-the-charts interactive Q&A session, a branded Dynamo Doula™ tote bag, one of my rad AF Dynamo Doula™ print bar shirts, SpiritYSol’s laminated posters on the journey of pregnancy + childbirth + breastfeeding, a full pack of herbal witch goodness handcrafted by Julie Bell from Blissful Herbs, a lush linen ring sling to begin their baby wearing adventure, a variety of intentional oils and sprays to use in your Doula practice, professional contracts and workflow documents to amplify the slay of your offer.

It does not include your accomodation and flights.