Dynamo Doula™ FAQ

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I don’t teach regular Doula training.
I never will.
Nothing about what I believe in, or love, or do, or practice, or teach – is one dimensional.
I am not interested in imparting wisdom on hip aqueezes and stages of labour because this information is not what is going to change birth culture, nor will it be the kind of vanilla diatribe that is going to impact outcomes & experiences for birthing people worldwide.
While it makes me sad that many believe cheap-and-cheerful, quick and easy Doula organisations are all one in the same, it is a massive turn on to be challenged to create something different.
I just completed the second round of my in-person Dynamo Doula Training in Byron and yes, it was freaking phenomenal. More than that, it was yet another affirming experience that I am on the right track….
a trail I am blazing in confidence in order to inspire a league of confidently competent Doulas to come onto the scene and make a real difference.
Let’s not confuse making a difference as a competent and confident Doula, with saying you’re making a difference by serving marginalised communities just for the sake of sounding like you are making a difference.
What does making a difference mean? And what every day professional practice, methodologies, techniques, conversations are being used to genuinely improve outcomes & experiences for birthing people?
And more importantly – is what Doulas are being taught doing more harm than good? In the same ways that teaching pregnant people and couples childbirth education, expecting it to actually make a difference with what they will come up against in the mainstream maternal health care system?
Are we preparing Doulas to mitigate a broken system? Or are we sugarcoating the truth in order to ‘play it safe’ and avoid ruffling any feathers?
There is a HUGE difference between a Dynamo Doula and a ‘damage control’ Doula.
A ‘damage control’ Doula is one who is trained with the ‘essentials’ and goes on to create an offering that involves a series of basic meetings, as well as labour & birth attendance. What they have been taught covers a ‘need to know’ mentality – there is absolutely no discussion on grey areas, the layers and considerations that make up the landscape Doulas NEED TO KNOW in order to offer support tailored to the individual in question. The ‘damage control’ Doula leaves training feeling unprepared for the shit show, falsely led to believe they are equipped to run successful businesses, all the while going on to be repsonsible for doing damage control after the fact – stewing in vicarious trauma, obsessively posting on every Doula Facebook Group seeking external validation, permission, counselling and help for issues that could have been tackled previously.
The Dynamo Doula is the Doula equipped with the knowledge, information, real-time tools, multi-coloured lens, vigour and appetite for change necessary to premept challenges and prepare for them accordingly, in order to avoid the damage control. The Dynamo Doula is pushed to a unique place where personal and professional development meet. Where the first port of call is building self-confidence and a sense of purpose, because without it, no amount of birth education and hip squeeze can help.
Next comes the insight on what it means to be HUMAN and to be connected – not only to eachother, but to our bodies, to our minds, to our essence. What it means to be embodied, alive, fulfilled – protective of our own hearts in order to help protect others.
And why?
Because there are too many Doulas living such misaligned and disconnected lives, it becomes a disservice to the people hiring us to help them reclaim sovereignty over their own bodies. How are we expecting to be ‘with women’ and inspire our clients to find alignment & power….if we can’t even be within ourselves?
Following this, they are taught everything there is to know about the VAST complexities of what makes this work so incredibly challenging to navigate, but oh so special to take part in. All the medical and scientific knowledge, all the evidence based research and all the language they need to know – but with a no-nonsense, no lies, excruciatingly logical approach.
Moving beyond the story we’ve been sold, into a new world where every aspect of a person is taken into consideration – truly holistic care to create results that work for THAT person.
Lastly, Dynamo Doulas are trained to use MODERN BUSINESS STRATEGY that will ACTUALLY set them up to run businesses that WORK FOR THEM, their families and their dreams. Business training that helps each Dynamo Doula create bodies of work that not only take them closer to their personal version of success, but change the lives of everyone they work with.
A curriculum so diverse and so all encompassing it would be hard to believe this is just another Doula training…it’s a fucking rebirth in all things what it means to be a woman, a person, a lover, an entrepreneur, a professional, a game-changer, a trailblazer and a move maker.
If you want in on a learning experience that will help inspire you to step into your personal power, do incredible work as a Doula but more importantly do the work on yourself…learning with me might be the exact place you want to be.
Below you will find a list of answers to my most frequently asked questions.

Is the online Doula Training program only available or applicable to Australian residents?

Not at all. It is available and applicable to anyone in the world who can speak English fluently and has reliable internet connection. The content was created with Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA in mind, plus our team & whole student cohort are sprinkled from all around the world. Multicultural, diverse and relevant to whoever you are wherever you might be.

Is your online Doula Training program accredited and/or affiliated with DONA?

Formal Doula accreditation, licensing and/or regulatory bodies does not exist. Anyone attempting to sell you accreditation as a Doula and/or accreditation based on signority is not just or ethical. Signority is the quality or state of being senior : (and thus a priority.) 2 : a privileged status attained by length of continuous service. You do not need any certification or formalities to operate as a Doula. That being said, I believe SO DEEPLY in training a league of Doulas who can self-regulate in impressively professional ways. I don’t believe the future of Doula work should lie anywhere near regulations and/or affiliations with any institutions as this would cuckhold Doulas in the same way s Midwives and other professionals are limited (which subsequently affects the subpar/poor/crap care + situations our clients find themselves in, in the first place). Doulas are bridging gaps in a broken system – if we are to heal & reform…freedom is a non-negotiable. With the privilege of being free, comes the command of a sort of integrity unprecedented in this work. That is what I have chosen to focus on in this training program. Should you successfully pass the course, you will be given a certificate of completion, a shiny badge you can plaster everywhere you see fit, continued support in our stellar community and a big smooch on the head from ME to bless you on your brilliant new adventure changing the world – one heartbeat, one song, one womb, one tear, one revelation and one revolution at a time.

Can I turn Doula work into a career?

Yes, absolutely! Turning Doula work into a beautiful, profitable, long lived career is entirely possible under the right guidance and your own personal determination. By studying under the wing of one of the world’s highest earning and most reputable Doulas (ME ME ME) you are improving your odds of creating this kind of career, too.
I have cultivated the business sense that I have cultivated with intense amounts of intentional and inspired action, modern business principles and strategy, as well as fierce commitment to monetising my passions – all skills and lessons learnt through personal and professional experiences over the years. Through this program,  I share all this knowledge graciously and generously with the intent of helping you achieve the level of success you are envisioning for yourself. Much like starting any other business, entrepreneurship requires time, commitment and belief to successfully establish – Doula work is no exception to this rule!

How will I know whether I have what it takes to be a Doula?

Doulas are a special kind of people – compassionate, empathetic, warm, caring, loyal, dedicated, flexible, patient and committed to their craft. If the role of a Doula resonates with you deeply and you can no longer deny the persistent hum of a calling to this line of work – chances are this is the right time for you to explore this as a career.
Can you be an amazing friend? Then you can be a Doula.
Can you be a kind, attentive, loving human? Then you can be a Doula.
Logistically speaking, there are a few factors to consider before taking the plunge such as;
  • Can I reliably be available to my clients any time of day or night?
  • Do I have a difficult time seeing blood or other bodily fluids?
  • Am I ready to put in the time and effort it takes to establish a business and scale it to success?
  • Are you dealing with personal issues that might inhibit you from being able to deliver a high standard of work?
This being said – be wary of self-sabotage and the ways you create excuses to avoid the challenges involved in traveling into uncharted territory and taking necessary risks.
There are too many remarkable women getting in their own way.
The answer is simple – if you genuinely want to be a professional Doula and you feel it in your guts that this is where you should be headed, you will find a way to make this training happen.
Do you need formal accreditation to be a Doula? Does your training offer formal accreditation?
There are no national or international bodies regulating Doula work, and as such there is no regulating body offering high level accreditation. Be very careful of any training organisation claiming they are formally accrediting you. You can find a number of Doula Training Organisations offering certification but in theory, certification is not necessary to practice as a Doula. After completing this program and fulfilling the certifying elements, you will receive a world respected certificate of completion, as well as dynamic support and lifetime access to the content and the community of graduated students.
This program is a high level training that spans over 40 modules, covering all aspects of pregnancy, labour, birth, postpartum and parenting in a way that is all encompassing (medical/clinical, emotional, spiritual, political etc.), in direct relation to supporting the client, their partner and family from conception straight through to the first year of their lives as parents. Completing it will give you all the information and insight you could possibly need to confidently deliver on your dreams of being an incredible Doula.

I notice you are in Australia, is this Doula Training Program relevant to America or Canada or New Zealand or other countries?

I have students from all around the world, teachers & contributors from all around the world, content that speaks to what it means to be HUMAN (thus global in itself) and we discuss all of the things that matter – which are all global matters. This course is beyond a shadow of a doubt powerful, and relevant, to you wherever you may live.

What are the core values and philosophies of your Dynamo Doula™ Training Program?

The cornerstones of this Doula Training Program are:
My Dynamo Doula™ Training Program was built on my desires to see Doulas and the services they provide, respected and celebrated by the medical, maternal care and birthing community at large; outcomes & experiences improved for women and birthing people worldwide through the delivery of exceptional services made available by savvy, skilled, and compassionate Doulas; awareness and change manifested by Doulas from critical conversation, activism, and advocacy; as well as seeing women in business supported and believed in so that they may build profitable, sustainable and purpose filled companies doing the work they love.
By combining a unique set of cornerstones and values, I am confident this program will engage every bit of your core, inspiring you to operate within parameters that inspire you to beam at your highest & most aligned frequency.
I believe entirely, wholeheartedly and unequivocally, in the work Doulas do as community members and as professionals. The core objective of this program it is to improve the quality of work Doulas deliver, exceeding expectations of what has been previously asked or expected from us in the past. I am making this possible by training a new league of Doulas in a way that is holistic, all encompassing, modern and comprehensive; ensuring every graduate not only operates brilliantly as a highly skilled, balanced and introspective Doula, but also continuously and consciously represents Doulas everywhere as reputable and valued professionals who create exceptional bodies of work.
I believe that it is our responsibility as humans to intentionally protect, defend, and support ALL mothers, parents, and people experiencing disparities in maternal & infant care. This work includes breaches in human rights resulting from inadequate, unethical, and unfair treatment of women, birthing people, babies, and their families in and after childbirth.
As Doulas and other birth professionals practicing in the arenas of pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum, I believe we have an especially important human responsibility to serve the global community in full integrity. We do this  by uniting our voices in solidarity; representing those without voice and those dealing with unjust, inadequate, or unethical treatment in birth and beyond; and forming eloquent activism and advocacy delivered in a plethora of media on a local and global scale. Doulas are in a perfect position to bridge gaps and raise awareness to a number of key issues currently being explored in maternal health care reform around the world. Doulas graduating from my Dynamo Doula Training Program are taught to promote empowerment, justice and social fairness, by acting with compassion to reduce barriers and to expand choice, information and education. Dynamo Doulas will also be encouraged to take a kind, assertive, confident, and professional stand in bettering birth outcomes and experiences for all types of individuals all around the world.
Helping women (or those who identify as such) successfully set up sustainable, profitable and purpose driven careers in the maternal and perinatal industries has been a specific passion of mine for a number of years. With the average Doula experiencing career burn out before 3 years, it is of incredible importance that students and emerging Doulas are adequately supported to become the brightest version of themselves, all the while being taught fundamental business essentials to launch their new career under best practice recommendations. Doulas continue to contend with gender inequalities issues in the work space, misconceptions, and expectations about the assumed “martyr and self sacrificing” nature of Doula work, as well as poor business advice and support provided to aspiring Doulas. My Dynamo Doula Training provides real time solutions and strategies for challenges that both student and professional Doulas are uniquely presented with.

What makes this program different than any other Doula Training Program?

By training with me, you are involving yourself in a Doula Training organisation that prides itself on a number of key differentiating values, including; grand vision for the betterment of birth and the elevation of Doula as a respected profession; an associated set of core values and philosophies specifically branded to my business and my desires pertaining to Doulas and mainstream birth culture; lifetime access to the most modern, engaging, multi-faceted and comprehensive Doula training curriculum on the market; viewing privilege of dozens of Masterclasses curated by a number of peak professionals in the maternal & perinatal spheres; a multitude of bonuses and gifts, regular opportunities to invest in stellar professional development; ongoing support from a badass team and associated counsellors to ensure every Dynamo Doula™ student has the option to debrief and/or be referred on for more specific assistance; and lastly, the assurance you are learning from someone who is personally invested in the career path you forge.

How much time should I have to dedicate towards completing the program?

It is recommended you have a minimum of 5 hours a week – of distraction free time – over the course of 12 months, to dedicate to pouring through content, activities and community. The amount of time you need will depend on how quickly you want to complete the program. Really – there are no rules – you do what works for you, and make it count!!!

P.S When we say distraction free time, we really mean it. No Youtube, no toddlers, nada.

In what ways are emerging student Doulas supported during the course of the program?

Dynamo Doula students are supported from start to finish via the community we have built on Facebook, Video Calls and Kajabi. This being said – THIS IS NOT A HAND HOLDING EXPERIENCE – nor will I be available to support you personally. I am trying to train autonomous Doulas – becoming your crutch won’t help you do that, and being personally available to every student in this program is not an example of the sustainability and/or boundaries I teach.

How much does it cost to enroll?

Enrollment into my Dynamo Doula™ Training Program is an investment of $3999 AUD when paid in full.
This includes full access to the online curriculum, access to the student support groups, 6 months membership on Evidenced Based Birth, over 20 bonuses (see the syllabus!) and so much more. A steal – let’s put it that way.
A portion of proceeds goes directly to funding a number of philanthropic endeavours, including the build of a birth clinic in Ethiopia and to supporting a number of charitable organisations I support.

Are payment plans available?

Hell yes! Affordability is a major priority for us. We have a 6 month payment plan available.

Are scholarships available?

Scholarships are exclusively available to charitable or no-profit organisations seeking training for their volunteers or community members. Scholarships are no longer available to the general public.

What is the difference between the In Person Dynamo Doula Crash Course and the online program?

My In-Person Dynamo Doula Training is an intimate and supercharged week of interactive learning and high energy transformation. I personally teach and host the event in the company of peak industry professionals I love, making a series of cameo experiences to amplify the content.
The original online version, Angela Gallo’s Dynamo Doula Training Program™ is the hardcore, vocational, high study level version. It is an intensely comprehensive program that rolls out over the course of 12 months, supported by me & my team, in LIVE calls and webinars, to a community of students from all over the world. More modules and mind bending content than you can count + inspiration oozing from your computer screens that will have you drooling and your Fallopian tubes dancing.
From what my in-person and online students tell me, marrying both the Angela Gallo’s Dynamo Doula Training Programand the Dynamo Doula In Person Crash Course is like peanut butter meeting homemade raspberry jam – it just makes total fucking sense. If you can make both happen, please do. If you are already an online student, you would receive discounted entry to my in-person training – to access this, please email me directly for the secret link angela@angelagallo.com
If you do the in-person training, you will be offered a sexy little discount to enrol following completion.
You might want to attend the Dynamo Doula In Person Crash Course if…
  • You want a taste of who I am and what my training looks like before committing to the full online version of my online magic Angela Gallo’s Dynamo Doula Training Program
  • You are a paramedic, nurse, midwife or similar who wants radical professional development and additional skills or knowledge in the realms of pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period.
  • You are a previously trained and/or established Doula who is looking for a refresh or professional development that reinvigorates your passion and adds edge to your existing offerings.
  • You are a previously trained and/or established Doula who did the most boring, uninspiring training ever and needs your passion shot back into space with vigour.
  • You are an existing Angela Gallo’s Dynamo Doula Training Programstudent who wants to compliment your online training with an in-person learning party.
  • You want to see me, hug me, cry with me, laugh with me and be in the camaraderie of other bodacious babes you will connect to in inter-planetary ways.
  • You want to make valuable, life long connections with like-minded people in your community.
This is a no-fuckery-learn-all-the-things-and-be-completely-blown-away kind of Doula Training, uniquely designed and delivered by me. This is a cream of the crop experience, not to be scoffed at and totally meant to be DEVOURED.
Fast paced and full of fun, this is where I bring the best of everything I know to the table. As wonderful as they might be, this is not your typical kumbaya, flower crown, red tent type of Doula training. If you join us, be prepared to revel in the joys of shared champagne (and smoothies!), epiphanies, tears and oxytocin; all in the spirit of edgy, riot gurl, pussy power, Doula revolution vibrations. An exclusive learning experience curated by ME for those who thrive on in person interactions and want to reap the benefits of my energy, in the flesh.
Are you RAVENOUS about all things sex, birth, motherhood/parenthood, politics, activism, changing the world, reinventing your relationship with yourself and in turn leading from the front lines of revolution? I WANT TO FREAKING SEE YOU THERE!
Over the course of 10 days, you will learn the essential foundations of supporting the woman or birthing person + their partner + their baby, through pregnancy, labour, birth and the immediate postpartum, in a way that is aligned, genuinely useful and beneficial to those you are working with.
During this time, we will also extensively discuss types of care models & care providers, protocols, policies, intervention, statistics, politics and birth culture, in a way that will help you feel incredibly prepared to help your clients navigate the system and make the best decisions for themselves. I will share ALL MY INSIGHTS, all my hacks, all my golden nuggets, all my loving bitch slaps, all my goodness – in total humility, grace, fierceness and softness.
Moving on from this, we will dive head first into the magic of tuning into your zone of genius in order to develop a branded Doula style, offering and workflow that truly shines, all the while making significant impact to your community and those you work directly with. I will be speaking at length about my own workflow and what strategy you can use to amplify your own Doula business. My business knowledge and delivery to stellar and this is something I take massive pride in – this training would be worth its weight in gold if you just showed up for this bit!!!! I even host a margarita mixer night where you can get me giggly and pick my brain about anything you want.
As ‘diversifying your offerings’ is such a huge part of how I have scaled my own business, you will be taught the following in order to leave this training excited to add immediate value to your packages and offerings. These guests will either be there in person OR video in on Zoom.
  • The art and learnt skill of breastfeeding with Amberley Harris
  • How to baby wear and support your client’s in their baby wearing journey with Brooke Allen-Rhodes
  • Birth photography 101 with Lacey Nicole Barratt
  • How to marry Doula + Birth Photography with Angela Gallo
  • Comforting touch (massage and acupressure) with JoJo Hogan
  • Postpartum Care with Jojo Hogan
  • Embodied Birth with Maha Al Musa
  • Crafting DNA & Breastmilk Keepsake Jewellery for your clients with Amy McGlade from BabyBee Hummingbirds
Your investment for attendance is $4991.95 AUD. In exchange, you will receive the full 10 days of boutique Doula Training training in a luxe location, exceptional food & drink catered daily, 6 months access to Evidence Based Birth Higher Ed, a Doula bag complete with Angela’s favourite hacks, a ton of gifts plus a certificate of completion to get you on your way to this fulfilling new career.
Your investment does not include airfare or lodging – this is your responsibility. I am happy to help set up shared AirBNB with multiple participants if that helps!
You will be able to work as a birth and postpartum Doula following this training. In order to receive a certificate of completion endorsed by DDT, you will have to attend 3 ‘dream clients’ following your attendance. You will have 12 months to do this and will be given instructions on how to do so in your training. I will provide huge support in making this happen.
***Please take note that if you are already an existing DDT online student, these 3 clients can be the same you utilise the certify in the online arena you are studying which could possibly mean you fast track your own certification process.***
Come as a birth nerd, leave as a womb warrior!

How do I enroll into the program?

Enrollment for the online and in-person is open now and will close once remaining spots are filled. You can enroll into Angela Gallo’s Dynamo Doula Training Program™ by clicking through to the check out page here.

How long will we have access to the program for?

Students will have access to the program for life but will have 24 months from the day they enrol, to certify.
At what stage can I start attending births or supporting postnatal clients?
Once 50% of the online curriculum has been completed AND the student feels aligned & confident enough to start scouting for clients to support, they are asked to send an email to Angela & the team to receive the green light to GO GO GO GO. This is because Angela has a very specific policy on the ways she wishes emerging Dynamo Doulas to step into the world (especially in regards to business knowledge). This process is streamlined and very supportive, with Angela helping in a multitude of ways to facilitate the experience. 
You can fast track your ability to take on clients by attending the Dynamo Doula In Person Crash Course in a city near you.
What do we need to do to certify with Angela Gallo’s Dynamo Doula™ Training Program?
The Certifying/Qualifying Process
  • Complete entire curriculum
  • Support 3 Client/s that fit the bill for your dream client, developed offer and vision/ambitions you have for your career (which you will work through in the program)
  • Receive and Submit client feedback from the 3 clients  you’ve supported (a special link will be sent to you to send to your clients)
  • Submit business plan to be assessed (of which you will be helped through)

How long does it take to certify with Angela Gallo’s Dynamo Doula™ Training Program?

Dynamo Doula students will have 24 months from their start date to certify. It will take an average of 12 months to certify but this will change depending on the student and their schedule and/or existing commitments. For some individuals it might take 3 months of full time study, others 24 months of slow study. 

How long is certification valid for?

Each 12 months students will have to submit a small essay on their year in reflection, as well as a note on their professional intentions for the next year.
Angela is asking for $99 every 12 months to cover expenses related to upkeep of the educational platform, upkeep of the website and Doula directory, as well as ongoing support from the DDT team. 
This $99 is NOT A MEMBERSHIP fee – it is upkeep and maintenance so we can ALL continue to benefit from the energy and hard work of people here. It is a critical way for us to ensure you are practicing ‘shared responsibility and mutual investment’ into this program, into the relationships with your peers and teachers and into the Doula profession as a whole. It is a very scary thought to imagine a Doula training in this program, then disappearing for 5 years with no clear confirmation of their intent or the path their career is taking, only to find out they haven’t been abiding by the Code of Conduct or Scope of Practice, as well as misrepresenting Angela’s brand and Doulas in general.
This fee is an integral way to keeping you invested in the long term, supported by the team in the long term, and motivated by the growth of this program and its vision in the longterm.

Will we be given assistance in sourcing clients for our certifying births?

An online directory and social media matching service will be set up so that prospective clients have the ability to search available student Doulas wherever they may be.

Can I be a Doula if I have experienced birth trauma?


This is a very layered question but I will do my best to answer.
There are varying degrees of birth trauma, including areas that bridge into mental health and unwellness. It is essential to take full responsibility of this before working intimately with other women and people in situations that may trigger you, and subsequently affect them.
Many modules in my training program are about unpacking our previous birth experiences and exploring our intentions for becoming a Doula. It is critical that these are taken seriously so that we are grounded and aligned before possibly projecting the wrong energy and emotions into the sensitive spaces of birth.
There are a multitude of incredible human beings making Doula work a career because of the trauma, injustice or stress they personally experienced in childbirth, of which they want to play a part in changing. Previous birth trauma or disappointing birth will not discredit your ability to become an amazing Doula, but this line of work should not be intentionally utilised to heal your own wounds or negate the past because this is not a healthy angle to start this career on.
Although many Doulas agree that this profession is very cathartic, it is also emotionally taxing, and it is important to speak to a qualified professional prior to joining Angela Gallo’s Dynamo Doula™ Training Program if you have any concerns that your own birth trauma may prevent you from diving into this training program.

I am worried I won’t stick out in a sea of Doulas – will this program teach me how to market myself?

Yes, yes, yes, yes. A major point of difference in this program is that it was created by ME – an established business coach and mentor who has been working with birth professionals for a number of years. My speciality is visibility coaching, with an emphasis on using authenticity (marketing your personality, passion and expertise) to develop your unique Doula style and branding edge.

Can I be a Doula if I have had no experience supporting births or new mothers & parents? Can I be a Doula if I don’t have children of my own or if I haven’t experienced birth first hand?

When best friends support each other through heartache – do they each need to have experienced a break up or divorce?
When best friends support each other’s grief – do they each need to have experienced loss?
When your friends and colleagues and peers empathise and provide support, is it necessary for them to first to have been literally in your shoes?
What is important is a willingness to learn and to listen, with an open heart and wide eyes; warm hugs and sincere interest. This is where the magic happens.
Doulas aren’t automatically good Doulas because they have had babies or experienced birth, either – it is a learnt skill and craft that doesn’t choose sides or pick favourites.
Furthermore, just because a woman has experienced her own birth/births, that doesn’t make her the expert on birth.
It all comes down to belief and self-confidence in your gifts, skills and passions. Let them ground you!

I live in a regional area and/or small town – will I still be able to find clients?

Women and people are birthing & raising babies – everywhere. This notion that there are not enough mothers, partners, parents and babies to support as a Doula is the direct bi-product of scarcity mindset. Think bigger and braver. Are you genuinely worried Doula work isn’t well known enough in your community? Be the one to trailblaze and set the benchmark. And you guessed it – my Dynamo Doula Training Program™ will teach you to shift from a scarcity mindset to an abundant one so you can focus less on the worries/excuses, and more on the action.
I have babies and/or children – can I still find the time and space to be a successful Doula?
Many of the most successful and fulfilled Doulas I know are mothers and parents. If you are committed to making the Doula world work for you and your family there are numerous ways to do this. My Dynamo Doula Training Program™ discusses a number of practical ways to set up the infrastructure in your life that will support this career.

I am worried my self-doubt will stop me from blossoming in this role – will this course help me to develop confidence?

Personal development is such a massive part of this training. Without confidence and a strong sense of self-worth, Doula work and entrepreneurship is nearly impossible. This being said, lack of confidence and poor sense of self-worth are some of the most commonly faced issues with women in business. Issues we tackle head on with deep discussion and exercises created to help you reach a place where belief in your vision and yourself is unwavering.
Will this program dictate what type of births I can support as a Doula?
Birth culture varies greatly from place to place. Women and people remain individuals with specific needs. The ways we approach birth and support birth should be as wide and vast. Angela Gallo’s Dynamo Doula Training Program™ believes that all and any which person desiring Doula support should have the ability to find a Doula that will support their unique needs – regardless if they decide to birth on planet mars with a clan of speaking dogs. It is important to understand birth culture, politics and legalities in your area because the decisions you make about the births you support are ultimately yours. Angela Gallo’s Dynamo Doula Training Program™ will not dictate what type of births you can or should attend. This being said, professionalism and integrity should be of utmost priority to you as an emerging Doula. Your Scope of Practice, as well as Code of Conduct, explicitly outline our beliefs and recommendations so that Doulas can do their best work and clients can receive the best of us.

Will this program dictate how much I can charge as a Doula?

Under no circumstances will Angela Gallo’s Dynamo Doula Training Program™ tell emerging Doulas what to charge existing or future clients, nor will Angela Gallo’s Dynamo Doula Training Program™ ask for a commission for helping you find clients through our directory and/or any additional matching services we might create. Students will be strongly encouraged to charge a living wage that is in line with the fundamental beliefs of the program.


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